Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Global Warming Sceptic ....and the man who knows EVERYTHING...yes you guessed it...Alan promotes "The Spectator" the best read in town!

Alan Jones doesn't believe in global warming and taxing carbon, and is happy for his extremist views to be heard. Alan has been running the country by proxy...and engineering his control through  puppet politicians, however,  the world is  waking up ....and leaving Alan grasping at straws. How will Alan maintain control of Australia's response to  climate change .

God...those wind farms are utterly offensive

Coal's good for humanity

Bill ...I got "The Spectator"...just  like Alan said ...and alls I could find ...was a bit on how them UK, Cof E  Reformers....will have problems with taking direction from women bishops...Is that Alan Jones fella a bit sexist?  What does he think about Gene Robinson?
Well Calam...he probably wouldn't worry about homosexual long as they didn't out themselves..but Calam you were supposed to read the article on Farming Carbon.

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  1. Oh dear - poor reformers! Well, I have a theory that if they left the C of E/Anglican church it may be possible that the large numbers of people who have left the church (like me) because they are disgusted by the homophobic, misogynist bullying attitude of said reformers (and those that tolerate to their behaviour) may be persuaded to return! Still you gotta love the Spectator. I thought the article that tried to suggest that ISIS was getting support from left leaning misogynist men was something of a tour de force in terms of warped logic and non sequitors based on no evidence whatsoever. Whoever wrote that should immediately be given an honorary doctorate from Moore College.