Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Has a background in religious fundamentism aka right wing Catholicism deprived Tony Abbott of the ability to negotiate ...or is bullying the act of a desperate man who is inept in his job and just trying to hang onto power?

I'm reading the riot act... shut down
1. Freedom of Speech and just let me keep making stupid statements
2. Freedom of Thought and let me manipulate politics and the law ...because I don't give a ***k about anyone but my rich mates
3. any opposition to my governance by using my cromies ...because then I can't be exposed for being bloody incompetent

You know something Dan...I worked for a boss who managed a business just like Tony...and the business didn't implode...no Dan it damn well exploded!

Yeah Rosie...I reckon we're on course for something really big...and I hope those Murdoch and 2GB self - serving people realise how much they have contributed to this farce. For Christ's sake...why can't Alan Jones accept that the electorate didn't want him years ago...and stop trying to govern by proxy!

I'm just waiting..... oh ...and watching ... just watching Tony shoot himself in the foot...and let's not forget the mouth ...oh ...and I'm laughing with Dorothy...over at  the Loonpond

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