Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Sydney Anglican Church League reports that Archbishop Okoh was a member of the National Peace Committee for this year's general elections in Nigeria.

Sydney Anglicans ...just like their GAFCON African counterparts ...don't consider violence against GLBTI  people as  violence. This is apparent when they promote their GAFCON buddy Nicholas Okoh.

As reported at Erasing 76 Crimes...Nicholas Okoh, primate of the Church of Nigeria, “commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his courage in signing the anti-gay bill into law which has continued to generate reactions in some quarters in Nigeria and beyond. According to him, those not in support of the bill are like the biblical duo Adam and Eve, who questioned God for asking them not to eat the fruits from the Garden of Eden,” Channels Television in Nigeria reported. Okoh said that disobeying God’s instruction to allow marriage only between men and women would bring disaster.

The Anglican Church League reports that the ... Now, the deputy chairman of GAFCON, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has called on churches to give priority to the (GAFCON) President's  anti-corruption drive....
Archbishop Okoh told Nigerian TV that the behaviour of some public office holders was 'a huge disappointment' to Nigeria

Geezzze Bill...Some Sydney Anglicans just make you sick to the stomach...And these people see themselves as the keeper and propagator of God's GAFCON is saying God's a hypocrit then? .....You not wrong there Calam...I wonder if GAFCON's Secretary Peter Jensen manages GAFCON's finances?


  1. Amongst the deadliest of them all, Nicolas of Nigeria...sham of a real man. Run for cover when this bloke issues his holy sounding pastorales. A witch doctor in a mitre.

  2. And they have the hide to say they are being discriminated against in the gay marriage argument. Excellent response to Moore College principle in today's SMH.