Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Sydney Anglican Church League posts yet another right wing US Baptist post about discernment leading to disaster...which is probably why Sydney Anglicans were totally stupid and greedy when it came to investment

Sydney Anglicans...this video is for you.

Yes the Sydney Anglican Church League is once again posting right wing US Baptist material on their website.

Well the ACL is a Baptist organisation ...isn't it ? Albert Mohler's stupid title called ...  "When Discernment leads to Disaster" is on a par with Phillip Jensen's writing titled... "The Limits of Fellowship"... but isn't it stupid and irresponsible to use a position of  power to promote discrimination and bigotry?  

The Anglican Church League  rarely posts anything Anglican, yet prolofic self promoter and ACL member, David Ould has the hide to declare that the consecration cermony of a woman bishop in Perth as un-Anglican!


  1. Daft Dobby Ould crticises two hymns used at a woman's consecration which are used regularly in countless Anglican parishes throughout the world. As usual, the whole world is out of step with extremists from Sydney. Dobby - you have NEVER been an Anglican, so shut up!

  2. He might not be Anglican but you can guarantee he'll always be petty

  3. He might not be Anglican but you can guarantee he'll always be petty

  4. Particularly if it involves a woman being ordained as a bishop or people in same sex relationships celebrating their love for each other?

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