Friday, August 28, 2015

Why does the Diocese of Gippsland have to respond to David Ould? Why does David Ould think he's so important?


David Ould is again whinging about the appointment of Rev Head to another parish. Rev Head is reported to be in a same sex relationship. David criticised and called for the sacking of Rev Head and hounded Bishop McIntyre until he passed away. Now David Ould is turning his attention to Bishop McIntyre's replacement...shock...horror...a woman...Bishop Kay Goldsworthy. He'll be able to blame her decision making on her gender...because David doesn't believe that God created women to preach his word to males.
David claims that the Diocese of Gippsland has broken rule 7.4  from Faithfulness in Service...You are to be chaste and not engage in sex outside of marriage.
Well David ...if you and your cronies supported marriage equality and weren't so divisive...then Rev Head would fulfil 7.4. At present marriage is not available to him ...well unless he joins Sydney Anglican Liberty Christian they can cure him by getting him to marry a woman!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Sydney Anglican Church League reports that Archbishop Okoh was a member of the National Peace Committee for this year's general elections in Nigeria.

Sydney Anglicans ...just like their GAFCON African counterparts ...don't consider violence against GLBTI  people as  violence. This is apparent when they promote their GAFCON buddy Nicholas Okoh.

As reported at Erasing 76 Crimes...Nicholas Okoh, primate of the Church of Nigeria, “commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his courage in signing the anti-gay bill into law which has continued to generate reactions in some quarters in Nigeria and beyond. According to him, those not in support of the bill are like the biblical duo Adam and Eve, who questioned God for asking them not to eat the fruits from the Garden of Eden,” Channels Television in Nigeria reported. Okoh said that disobeying God’s instruction to allow marriage only between men and women would bring disaster.

The Anglican Church League reports that the ... Now, the deputy chairman of GAFCON, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has called on churches to give priority to the (GAFCON) President's  anti-corruption drive....
Archbishop Okoh told Nigerian TV that the behaviour of some public office holders was 'a huge disappointment' to Nigeria

Geezzze Bill...Some Sydney Anglicans just make you sick to the stomach...And these people see themselves as the keeper and propagator of God's GAFCON is saying God's a hypocrit then? .....You not wrong there Calam...I wonder if GAFCON's Secretary Peter Jensen manages GAFCON's finances?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Has a background in religious fundamentism aka right wing Catholicism deprived Tony Abbott of the ability to negotiate ...or is bullying the act of a desperate man who is inept in his job and just trying to hang onto power?

I'm reading the riot act... shut down
1. Freedom of Speech and just let me keep making stupid statements
2. Freedom of Thought and let me manipulate politics and the law ...because I don't give a ***k about anyone but my rich mates
3. any opposition to my governance by using my cromies ...because then I can't be exposed for being bloody incompetent

You know something Dan...I worked for a boss who managed a business just like Tony...and the business didn't Dan it damn well exploded!

Yeah Rosie...I reckon we're on course for something really big...and I hope those Murdoch and 2GB self - serving people realise how much they have contributed to this farce. For Christ's sake...why can't Alan Jones accept that the electorate didn't want him years ago...and stop trying to govern by proxy!

I'm just waiting..... oh ...and watching ... just watching Tony shoot himself in the foot...and let's not forget the mouth ...oh ...and I'm laughing with Dorothy...over at  the Loonpond

The Sydney Anglican Church League posts yet another right wing US Baptist post about discernment leading to disaster...which is probably why Sydney Anglicans were totally stupid and greedy when it came to investment

Sydney Anglicans...this video is for you.

Yes the Sydney Anglican Church League is once again posting right wing US Baptist material on their website.

Well the ACL is a Baptist organisation ...isn't it ? Albert Mohler's stupid title called ...  "When Discernment leads to Disaster" is on a par with Phillip Jensen's writing titled... "The Limits of Fellowship"... but isn't it stupid and irresponsible to use a position of  power to promote discrimination and bigotry?  

The Anglican Church League  rarely posts anything Anglican, yet prolofic self promoter and ACL member, David Ould has the hide to declare that the consecration cermony of a woman bishop in Perth as un-Anglican!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Alan Jones said (on 2GB 3.8.15) that unlike Julia Gillard...Bronwyn Bishop didn't call the misogyny card when she was criticized for the Choppergate Affair

Oh Sophie...I can't call the misogyny card because everyone knows that I support the concept of misogyny...and as Alan Jones says about Goodes...It's not about racism...the people just don't like me

You know Ennis...Alan Jones is right... I don't like mean nasty self indulgent hypocrits like  Abbott, Jones and Bishop.
Yeah Jake...what about when Sophie was repulsed by Simon Sheikh's collapse ?
Courtesy of Loonpond