Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sydney Anglicans post as breaking news that B&B owners can now discriminate against gays by registering their business as a non profit organisation

I am not homophobic. I have no problem with them - I have always thought of them as people...The result of the trial is the men's human rights came into collision with our human rights...to discriminate

B & B English Christian couple, who broke equality laws when they refused to let a gay couple stay in a double room in their bed and breakfast, have now found a way to legally turn away homosexual couples ... yes they have become a discriminatory not-for-profit organisation.

No Ennis...I reckon that fine Christian couple just didn't realise they'd breached any human rights legislation...I mean that Christian couple thought of us as people...but obviously second class people.
Well what would you expect Jack when those fine clergy like Chris Sugden at Anglican Mainstream, keep telling parishoners we are not like heterosexuals and not worthy of having our marriage blesssed?