Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why does Standfirm use an image of a seductive female, posing as Satan, to depict DAVID OULD'S VIEW of Gene Robinson's SEXUAL IMMORALITY... and where is the outrage from Sydney Anglican complementarian women... who lecture women on how to submit to Sydney Anglican complementarian men ...when they show such little respect for women?

Well Gene Robinson is probably not as seductive to complementarian males as I am... and it's all my fault if you're getting an erection right now...because women are the seducers ...and not complementarians, who exploit women by posting images like this on their website...which is referred to by David Ould as...the largest and most popular orthodox Anglican website in North America, if not the world !

And what is the difference between the way some truckies and some complementarian Anglicans view women ....well some complementarians see the tail!
Well I'll be damned Calam...and I thought complementarians had an aversion to apples !

Well they do Bill ....and their other great  aversion to is tolerance and reconciliation...
I hear Father Chris Riley has been working hard promoting tolerance, reconciliation and relational orthodoxy in the Macquarie Fields area ...I wonder how he will go working with David Ould ...I suppose once Fr Riley converts to Sydney Anglican Biblical orthodoxy ...then relational orthodoxy will follow.

And how dare you attempt to give me a drink of are not a Sydney Anglican  who follows orthodoxy...and what's worse you're a woman! 


  1. As a Muslim terrorist living in Macquarie Fields, I welcome the new Anglican minister. We need more people like Ayatollah Ould who support the Taliban.

  2. Dear Anon
    The people, and particularly the youth of Macquarie Fields, deserve all the love and acceptance that God can provide, and the level of compassion and empathy that Jesus displayed.They do not need to be judged.I'm afraid a few good deeds mightn't go astray because these people have so much less monetarily, than Mr Ould's previous parishoners. God bless the residents of Macquarie Fields.

  3. Just for the record (Daveys and other knuckleheads): The black/white naked lady leaning back is on the rear windows and/or back doors of EVERY Chicken Bus in Central America...I feel as if I know her and think of her as Bridget. Of course she is located right next to GIANT PAINTED LETTERS that say DIOS AMOR! Of course there is a connection and David, Dipper, Ould certainly would appreciate the zesty hetero sexual spirit displayed publically (while spouse abuse is rampant, number one, dizzing displays of fully occupied -- you can tell when the garage door is down that the roosters have come to roost -- 24 hour hour motels and LGBT people glide in an out of almost everyones lives). Sure, here's to the twisted idea that what one thinks OUGHT be equals REALITY...Ould Ought try getting a grip on reality and stay the fu*k out of other peoples lives (of which he offers nothing constructive/beneficial). Twit!

  4. Oh dear: Dobby sounds just a little more obsessed with the subject he addresses than can ever be considered healthy ...

    ... although the boy's splendidly one-sided understanding of human sexuality does make it clear why he's ended up being sent to an appointment which I've been told even members of the Jensen family find (privately) highly amusing.

  5. It says to me what little respect the Jensens have for the people of Macquarie Fields. It is an insult to send them that poncy, latte sipping prat rather than someone of substance.