Friday, March 8, 2013

Vote 1 for Haydn Sennitt to be the next Archbishop of Sydney!

Gav Poole over at the Anglican Church League website says that ACLeaguers don't lobby but only pray at times when the Sydney Diocese has to elect a new archbishop. ACL prayers in the past have taken the form of a 'how to vote' paper...but now that all tolerant Anglicans have been purged from the diocese...the diocese is in need of prayer.

Now Bill...them bunch of  Anglican Church League folk...should put their to prejudices aside ...I know he's not a Jensen ...but I reckon they should start praying for Haydn Sennitt. His credentials are faultless. He purifies the soul without having to resort to Jedi spiritual warfare. He is a protege of that well known homophobe, David Peterson, who originally founded Sydney Anglicans' gay cure ministry. Haydn adhere to the Sydney Anglican policy of Complementarianism... promoting marriage between a man and a woman regardless of their sexual seriously Bill...he ticks all the boxes for a great Archbishop ...and he'll tell you if you should attend the same-sex wedding of your same-sex attracted son and daughter...OK you louse...which one of you vermin called Sydney Anglicans a cult?

Oh come on Calam...don't you think Haydn is a tad too moderate to be archbishop? I mean you want someone who is extreme ...I mean the whole Gollum thing is old hat... What about that Peter Bolt ...I reckon he could get some publicity with that demonic handbook he published about fighting the spiritual underworld... and he sure believes in female subordination!

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