Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sydney Anglicans refuse to take part in interfaith activities...what would you expect when they can't get along with fellow Anglicans?

And I thought them Sydney Anglicans just took exception to gays and women...oh and material atheists...but it seems they just don't like anyone...I suppose even stockbrokers and financiers are on the nose now they've lost their money punting!

In 2013, interfaith activities have been focusing on talking about the similarities, rather than the differences, in some of the world's major religions, and the need to respect each other even if there are fundamentally different viewpoints....

But the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, says while the hope is that there is a great deal of respect for other religions and other people, the essential teachings are contradictory. Archbishop Jensen says people think Christianity is about being a good person and going to heaven. But it needs to be remembered that Jesus died on the cross and he didn't die for good people, he died for bad people so they could be forgiven.

How many more times do I have to tell you critters...Sydney Anglicans have a patent on Jesus!


  1. New Archbishop Justin Welby is hoping all Anglicans will start loving one another in a Christ-like acceptance. Sadly, this will only happen if everyone becomes a bigoted Sydney Anglican and hates everyone equally.

  2. Since Dobby's new parish is riddled with Muslims I think we should all write to his local Mosques and tell them the good news of how they're all about to be enlightened about the error of their beliefs.