Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And now we know why the Dean's wife's 4 year old article was published on the Phillip Jensen and Sydney Anglican website...

As reported earlier... the Dean's wife had an article published on the Sydney Anglican... and Phillip Jensen websites. She didn't quite make the blokey... Anglican Church League website...because real blokes are only concerned with men's issues.
Well it seems like the publishing of the Dean's wife's article...and the launch of the Matthias Media  book called Women Sermons and the Bible...are strategies/moves aimed at circumventing any support for John Dickson's book...Hearing her Voice.... 'Hearing her Voice' discusses the idea of  letting women speak in church without ordaining them! Well  after 60 years...the Dean's wife's vocal chords are still being strummed by others. 
Let's introduce the authors of 'Women Sermons and the Bible'.

Mark Thompson 


Peter Bolt

Claire Smith     

Tony Payne who publishes the redneck magazine known as The Briefing...Tony are  2 of the 6 steps to a loving Sydney Anglican Church... homophobia and sexism ?

Lionel Windsor

OMG ...some of these people are such sickos! Might have known there was an underlying reason for Helen Jensen's article to be published....because it's obvious that a woman's contribution is not valued unless she is suppressing the rights of other women...looks like Helen Jensen's vocal chords still belong to others.

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