Monday, May 19, 2014

The Dean's wife finally speaks... and it's only 2014!

Oh this morning sickness is dreadful...and I have to get the kids ready...drop them off to school...and get to wonder my husband left me!
Hey Darlene...the Dean's wife has written an article about being a woman. Apparently the  article was first published in an 'Equal but Different' magazine in 2010.... and now it gets a run on the Sydney Anglican website? They are such a progressive group of people...letting a grandmother finally have a voice...but I suppose the Dean's wife would have been lucky to get a word in as Phillip Jensen's wife...well up until now anyway... but seriouusly...the article must have reduced the number of readers by half... seeing those Sydney Anglican  heterosexual males  can't be preached to by women.
And Roseanne...don't you love the way Helen Jensen is identified to the readers...not as Helen Jensen ...but as the Dean's wife! I particularly liked the bit where Helen says of being a woman... that she knows nothing outside menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, ectopic pregnancies, hysterectomies, still births and infertility...I agree with her when she says...  "Being a woman on this earth and under the judgement of God is a fearsome thing"...especially fearsome for single women who are harassed and threatened by male bullies...and women who know the truth remain would give an infertile woman morning sickness!

You know Darlene...the Dean's most recent article made a lot of sense to me...I particularly liked the part where he said...Biblical ‘faith’ is a rational response to truth...The Dean is an inspiration... and of course an expert on women...just like Tony Abbott. 

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  1. Glenquarie WomanMay 19, 2014 at 4:25 AM

    There can't be a more horrible fate for a lowly woman than to be married to a Jensen (except to be married to David Ould). The Dean's wife should free herself from bondage and divorce the mad minister to find true Christian freedom outside Sydney Anglicanism.