Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Anglican Church League publishes Reform's Press release titled... Why are we celebrating 20 years of the ordination of women?


Susie Leafe of Reform (the name Reform being an anomalie in itself) and the Anglican Church League today questioned the value of the C of E celebrating 20 years of  women priests. Susie feels that to celebrate is offensive to lay women and lay men.

So Susie...does that mean that I should be offended by having a male priest ordained and paid by the church ....when I do a lot of voluntary work . Oh and I can't get a promotion or superannuation either? I suppose I should protest!

Susie also blames the shrinking numbers of  of people attending the C of E on female priests...and is upset that congregations that are growing and under the headship of male priests are not celebrated
Gee Susie...I don't think female priests alone can change society's view of the C of E. I think all the sexism that you display ....and let's not forget the homophobia... and its effects on innocent people...is the biggest turn off...Seriously Susie...who would want to embrace that type of ideology...I can only think of bigots! 

Susie is also concerned that the church does not celebrate and acknowledge some of the good things that happen...and that these people go unnoticed

Well Susie ...whilst groups like Reform and the Anglican Church League keep on pushing their nasty agenda...then no one will ever hear about the positive things the C of E does...all they will hear is about how sexist and homophobic the C of E is...and seriously Susie it is the 21st Century....but if you really believed  " that we find our fulfilment as men and women when we serve God in accordance with the patterns laid down in Scripture" ...then what are you doing speaking in a public forum?


I'm new to Sydney Anglicanism...now should I give up my job and have 20 children...but what if my husband loses his job....does that mean we have to get government assistance because as a Sydney Anglican woman I shouldn't work? Oh I know what to do...I'll get hubby to go to Moore College so he can be ordained...and I might go so I can learn how to be equal but different aka submissive....then our problems are solved ...the Sydney Anglican diocese can pay our way...and then we both can tell other people how to behave... because as scripture - based Sydney Anglicans...hubby can continue to reinfoce gender inequity to make him feel like a real man...you know one that God created in his image...and I can tell other women how to be submissive...and our income is assured! It's worked for other Sydney Anglicans! How easy is that!

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  1. Well, the Anglican church could follow the Presbyterian church and reverse its decision on Women's ordination. The Presbyterian church is so 'equal' they don't even allow women elders anymore! They of course have their 'different' role serving morning tea.

    There are worrying signs in the Anglican church. Dr Andrew Cameron formally of Moore Theological College has just been appointed as Director of St Mark's National Theological College in Canberra. The Canberra/Goulburn Diocese who, in the early days championed Women's Ordination seems to be importing an awful lot of ex-Sydney people these days. When asked if he had changed his opinion on the ordination of women, Dr Cameron gave the following reassuring (not) answer: "It is really hard to sum up my 20 years of thinking on this. Rather than delve into all the intricacies of all of that theological debate I really just want to assure people that I will be working with women and not questioning any of the arrangements in the diocese at the moment."