Sunday, May 18, 2014

Some clergy protest the cruel marginalisation and persecution of minorities...but Sydney Anglican David Ould embraces it...and Phillip Jensen...well who knows?

A Catholic priest and several pastors have been arrested for staging a peaceful prayer vigil in Tony Abbott's electoral office in Sydney.
The group entered the building in Manly on Monday morning and began praying for detained child asylum seekers and the prime minister's soul.

Meanwhile David Ould is in conversation with a NZ evangelical who puts the church family over prejudice. David explains to the Christian that... if we value the word of God over and above a Babylonian unity then we’ll oppose strange (LGBT inclusion) doctrine and allow the divide which already exists to be crystallised. Let those who wish to change the doctrine of the Church away from the Scriptures do so in their own institution. They are free to leave and others are free to join them if unity with those who oppose the gospel is so important to them.

And what does Phillip Jensen offer, you ask?

Rhetoric...unless it involves promoting the interests of evangelicals

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  1. Well I do think the New Zealander put things in perspective correcting assertions that the last days had come by suggesting this would only be the case if the All Blacks lost to Australia!