Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Sydney Anglican Diocese has joined the Director of Public Prosecutions and the NSW Ombudsman in urging tough new safeguards against MP misdeeds, including mandatory declaration of a spouse's financial interests....but members didn't seem to worry when their own Diocese was taken over by Jensens

The sentiment behind the Sydney Anglican Diocese, urging tough new safeguards against MP misdeeds, including mandatory declaration of a spouse's financial interests is laughable ... especially when you have a diocese that had a family who commandeered it

to the point that, it used the diocese to peddle resources published by its family's media company, used positions of authority to boycott Lambeth and align it with homophobes, kept women submissive, and oversaw the borrowing of money from banks to invest in stocks, which saw the loss of, in excess of, $160 million dollars of Diocesan money.

The Obeid family's behaviour does deserve criticism but not from a diocese which allowed a family to rule with an iron fist

You know Bill...history is not going to be very kind to Sydney Anglican Jensenism...and it is going to take the diocese a long time to regain any level of credibility

Is history ever kind to those who promote and enforce bigotry, Calam? 

Just think how many people could have been fed with over $160 million...and this is the first time ...that I've seen this diocese help anyone...I hope this archbishop and his family aren't profiteering from poultry farms...I mean the last archbishop ... had a policy that was more in keeping with... let them starve but save their souls ...through selling them Bible bashing resources. I'll always remember listening to Peter Jensen... when he was asked one Christmas ...what a starving homeless person should do at Christmas ...and his answer was ...think of Jesus! ...No ...not come to my church and I'll feed you....****ing mean spirited Calvinists...and they call themselves Christians because their religion is limited to reading the Bible!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

And now we know why the Dean's wife's 4 year old article was published on the Phillip Jensen and Sydney Anglican website...

As reported earlier... the Dean's wife had an article published on the Sydney Anglican... and Phillip Jensen websites. She didn't quite make the blokey... Anglican Church League website...because real blokes are only concerned with men's issues.
Well it seems like the publishing of the Dean's wife's article...and the launch of the Matthias Media  book called Women Sermons and the Bible...are strategies/moves aimed at circumventing any support for John Dickson's book...Hearing her Voice.... 'Hearing her Voice' discusses the idea of  letting women speak in church without ordaining them! Well  after 60 years...the Dean's wife's vocal chords are still being strummed by others. 
Let's introduce the authors of 'Women Sermons and the Bible'.

Mark Thompson 


Peter Bolt

Claire Smith     

Tony Payne who publishes the redneck magazine known as The Briefing...Tony are  2 of the 6 steps to a loving Sydney Anglican Church... homophobia and sexism ?

Lionel Windsor

OMG ...some of these people are such sickos! Might have known there was an underlying reason for Helen Jensen's article to be published....because it's obvious that a woman's contribution is not valued unless she is suppressing the rights of other women...looks like Helen Jensen's vocal chords still belong to others.

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Dean's wife finally speaks... and it's only 2014!

Oh this morning sickness is dreadful...and I have to get the kids ready...drop them off to school...and get to wonder my husband left me!
Hey Darlene...the Dean's wife has written an article about being a woman. Apparently the  article was first published in an 'Equal but Different' magazine in 2010.... and now it gets a run on the Sydney Anglican website? They are such a progressive group of people...letting a grandmother finally have a voice...but I suppose the Dean's wife would have been lucky to get a word in as Phillip Jensen's wife...well up until now anyway... but seriouusly...the article must have reduced the number of readers by half... seeing those Sydney Anglican  heterosexual males  can't be preached to by women.
And Roseanne...don't you love the way Helen Jensen is identified to the readers...not as Helen Jensen ...but as the Dean's wife! I particularly liked the bit where Helen says of being a woman... that she knows nothing outside menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, ectopic pregnancies, hysterectomies, still births and infertility...I agree with her when she says...  "Being a woman on this earth and under the judgement of God is a fearsome thing"...especially fearsome for single women who are harassed and threatened by male bullies...and women who know the truth remain would give an infertile woman morning sickness!

You know Darlene...the Dean's most recent article made a lot of sense to me...I particularly liked the part where he said...Biblical ‘faith’ is a rational response to truth...The Dean is an inspiration... and of course an expert on women...just like Tony Abbott. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Some clergy protest the cruel marginalisation and persecution of minorities...but Sydney Anglican David Ould embraces it...and Phillip Jensen...well who knows?

A Catholic priest and several pastors have been arrested for staging a peaceful prayer vigil in Tony Abbott's electoral office in Sydney.
The group entered the building in Manly on Monday morning and began praying for detained child asylum seekers and the prime minister's soul.

Meanwhile David Ould is in conversation with a NZ evangelical who puts the church family over prejudice. David explains to the Christian that... if we value the word of God over and above a Babylonian unity then we’ll oppose strange (LGBT inclusion) doctrine and allow the divide which already exists to be crystallised. Let those who wish to change the doctrine of the Church away from the Scriptures do so in their own institution. They are free to leave and others are free to join them if unity with those who oppose the gospel is so important to them.

And what does Phillip Jensen offer, you ask?

Rhetoric...unless it involves promoting the interests of evangelicals

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Some descriptive words come to mind to describe Sydney Anglican, David Ould..but humble certainly is not one of them!


Well I hope you're not thinking SHOW PONY...I 'm not into self promotion by using God's name...What did George Eliot say... Given, a man with moderate intellect, a moral standard not higher than the average, some rhetorical affluence and great glibness of speech, what is the career in which, without the aid of birth or money, he may most easily attain power and reputation in English society? Where is that Goshen of mediocrity in which a smattering of science and learning will pass for profound instruction, where platitudes will be accepted as wisdom, bigoted narrowness as holy zeal, unctuous egoism as God-given piety? Let such a man become an evangelical preacher; he will then find it possible to reconcile small ability with great ambition, superficial knowledge with the prestige of erudition, a middling morale with a high reputation for sanctity. Let him shun practical extremes and be ultra only in what is purely theoretic; let him be stringent on predestination, but latitudinarian on fasting; unflinching in insisting on the Eternity of punishment, but diffident of curtailing the substantial comforts of Time; ardent and imaginative on the promillennial advent of Christ, but cold and cautious toward every other infringement of the status quo. Let him fish for souls not with the bait of inconvenient singularity, but with the drag-net of comfortable conformity. Let him be hard and literal in his interpretation only when he wants to hurl texts at the heads of unbelievers and adversaries, but when the letter of the Scriptures presses too closely on the genteel Christianity of the nineteenth century, let him use his spiritualizing alembic and disperse it into impalpable ether. Let him preach less of Christ than of Antichrist; let him be less definite in showing what sin is than in showing who is the Man of Sin, less expansive on the blessedness of faith than on the accursedness of infidelity.

Hi Jesus...Welcome to the Glenquarry parish. We're not all as affluent as some in the parish... but we do know  about the political big ticket items that you wrote about in the know...abortion and euthanasia...oh and let's not forget sexism and homophobia! Personally...I think poverty, domestic violence and violence in general, unemployment, lack of social equity and opportunity, deserted mothers and wives, illicit drug and alcohol abuse, crime, teenage pregnancy and disadvantage are the big ticket items around here. Can't you get Mr Ould to trawl through bible verses to help us have the same opportunities as his Neutral Bay parish or at least enable our children to attend Kings School?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Anglican Church League publishes Reform's Press release titled... Why are we celebrating 20 years of the ordination of women?


Susie Leafe of Reform (the name Reform being an anomalie in itself) and the Anglican Church League today questioned the value of the C of E celebrating 20 years of  women priests. Susie feels that to celebrate is offensive to lay women and lay men.

So Susie...does that mean that I should be offended by having a male priest ordained and paid by the church ....when I do a lot of voluntary work . Oh and I can't get a promotion or superannuation either? I suppose I should protest!

Susie also blames the shrinking numbers of  of people attending the C of E on female priests...and is upset that congregations that are growing and under the headship of male priests are not celebrated
Gee Susie...I don't think female priests alone can change society's view of the C of E. I think all the sexism that you display ....and let's not forget the homophobia... and its effects on innocent the biggest turn off...Seriously Susie...who would want to embrace that type of ideology...I can only think of bigots! 

Susie is also concerned that the church does not celebrate and acknowledge some of the good things that happen...and that these people go unnoticed

Well Susie ...whilst groups like Reform and the Anglican Church League keep on pushing their nasty agenda...then no one will ever hear about the positive things the C of E does...all they will hear is about how sexist and homophobic the C of E is...and seriously Susie it is the 21st Century....but if you really believed  " that we find our fulfilment as men and women when we serve God in accordance with the patterns laid down in Scripture" ...then what are you doing speaking in a public forum?


I'm new to Sydney should I give up my job and have 20 children...but what if my husband loses his job....does that mean we have to get government assistance because as a Sydney Anglican woman I shouldn't work? Oh I know what to do...I'll get hubby to go to Moore College so he can be ordained...and I might go so I can learn how to be equal but different aka submissive....then our problems are solved ...the Sydney Anglican diocese can pay our way...and then we both can tell other people how to behave... because as scripture - based Sydney Anglicans...hubby can continue to reinfoce gender inequity to make him feel like a real know one that God created in his image...and I can tell other women how to be submissive...and our income is assured! It's worked for other Sydney Anglicans! How easy is that!