Tuesday, June 2, 2015

David Ould posts that marriage is not love...but goes onto say that many marriages are based on love ...and it was because of the love he felt during his 6 month courtship that made him marry his wife.

However David can't apply that logic or give that same level of charity to people in same-sex relationships. Instead he uses twisted thinking to justify his fundamentalist anti same-sex marriage stance. He uses arranged marriages to validate the term marriage and meaning of marriage.
He must be in favour of the new TV show Married at First Sight where couples marry and then get to know each other.

David's right you know Tony ...because  good Christian men can't have sex outside of marriage...so it's all about marriage... not love...because marriage is only about sex and having kids ...except if you are David Ould...and then you are allowed the bonus of love!

So Christopher...does that mean it's OK to marry for citizenship?

Hey Bill ...does that mean the traditionalists like David Ould are going to stick up for polygamists because they are heterosexual ...you know...when he says...No, the call for “marriage equality” isn’t about equality. It’s about demanding that the state publicly affirm a particular form of relationship; homosexual partnerships. Let the polyamorists worry about themselves!
I don't know Calam...but what about the bit where David says...I don’t know about you, but I think I have my head around the realities of this. I live a very different life to many many people around me, some of whom think I’m nuts. But I don’t demand that they affirm me. I don’t ask the government to make it illegal for them to criticise my moral choices... WTF...Is this about his right to discriminate ...because he sure is allowed to marry for love ...or arrange his own marriage... And I DO think he demanded that it be deemed illegal ...when he was criticised for writing articles ...that many felt were nothing short of encouraging hatred and bigotry. David found the opinions of others to be offensive... yet never considered how others felt when they were exposed to his self righteous and judgmental articles that he published on the Standfirm and personal blogsites... Articles that called for the sacking of people... and comments that caused deep emotional responses ...from others because they felt he was offending loved ones and friends.

Geeze Dan...I just get so sick of women being compared to things that are bad, inferior and evil... Adam could have said "No" ...if he hadn't been so weak! What about David's analogy... that the wayward church is a bride...and not a groom!
Well Roseanne...that's why fundamentalists won't recognise same- sex marriage...who are they going to blame when two males are married?
Dan I reckon David's bit should read like this...
It’s a love of an eternal and divine wife for her wayward husband....


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  1. Dobby twice refutes two sensible comments on his silly blog. It is impossible for anyone to criticise Dobby's Infallible Word. He is as bigoted as the Evangelical god he worships.