Monday, June 8, 2015

Sydney Anglicans implent a domestic violence task force to counteract the effects of complementarianism

Now remember to remain submissive to the male headship within the home and church...and if your behaviour gets out of control and your husband has to discipline you...especially if he is ordained and has a job with Sydney Anglicans...then don't worry.. the Sydney Anglican domestic violence task force will be there to help you.

Dear me... Complementarianism....Why would you ever encourage a woman to remain submissive? You'd want her to recognise when she's in an abusive relationship... be able to speak up....have some social and financial independence...and  be encouraged to be part of  a reciprocal and equal relationship ... otherwise the erosion of her self esteem....the controlling behaviour of her husband/partner...  the social and  financial dependence upon someone else... may keep her trapped.
So who's going to run this "put a band-aid on it" task force...Peter Bolt who reckons men's rights are abused when it comes to DV...or Phillip Jensen who is an expert on wives submitting....or will it be David Ould who can't understand why women would want to take on men's roles...or maybe those  Equal but Different women whose aim is to keep women refined and in their place ... for their male leaders.  Personally I think a Royal Commission into the church and its mistreatment of women is in order... I wonder if complementarianism is to DV  celibacy is to paedophillia

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