Monday, June 22, 2015

Peter Jensen is at it again...flying around the world dividing the C of E

and all because he can't stand people ...who understand and accept ...that SSA people need love and companionship too ...And what about the divisive person ....finding it too offensive to attend the ordination of a female bishop ...the man is a bigot...he uses theology to support his bigoted ideology...and people like David Ould call me disgusting....please!

Well Merve...I'm with Jensen...We GAFCONITES know that marriage is about having sex and producing children....that's all I do day and night with my wife . SEX, SEX, SEX and more SEX.  Marriage has got nothing to do with sharing a house, travelling together, making decisions, listening to each other, watching TV together, supporting each other, providing companionship, sharing responsibilities, coping with the trials and tribulations of life and growing old together.
Hey Jensen a member of the IRA?... Oh surely he couldn't be...because there were two denominations involved in that conflict...perhaps that's why he wants to divide the C of know to really escalate the dissention...Belfast could do with more conflict.

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