Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sydney Anglican Church League post Albert Mohler's thoughts on heresy in relation to the Southern Baptists and their links to racial superiority

The Anglican Church League  loves Albert Mohler because everyone knows that Sydney Anglicans  are not really Anglicans ....but Baptists in disguise.
Mohler says...More humbling still is the fact that many churches, churchmen, and theologians gave sanction to that ideology of racial superiority. While this was true throughout the southern churches, Southern Baptists bear a particular responsibility and burden of history. The Southern Baptist Convention was not only founded by slaveholders; it was founded by men who held to an ideology of racial superiority and who bathed that ideology in scandalous theological argument. At times, white superiority was defended by a putrid exegesis of the Bible that claimed a “curse of Ham” as the explanation of dark skin — an argument that reflects such ignorance of Scripture and such shameful exegesis that it could only be believed by those who were looking for an argument to satisfy their prejudices.....

So Jack...will all the members of the Anglican Church League eventually be remembered for homophobia and misogyny?
I reckon that Gavin Poole will quote these as the ACL greatest yearly achievements ..but seriously previous achievements have been even more stupid.

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  1. Spot on. There are distinct similarities between the old Southern Baptist position on race and the current conservative christian position on gay relationships.The fact is that it is simply not possible for anyone to totally eliminate their own cultural biases when interpretting scripture. It is simply the window through which we see the world and read scripture is clearly not the same way that the world was perceived in a pre-scientific age. For anyone to argue that their position is now the only "right" position, and to apologise for previous "misinterpretations" only shows how ridiculous this position really is. So, they want us to believe that the sincere beliefs of people in the past were misguided and wrong and ours aren't! Give me a break!