Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sydney Anglican Church League post Albert Mohler's thoughts on heresy in relation to the Southern Baptists and their links to racial superiority

The Anglican Church League  loves Albert Mohler because everyone knows that Sydney Anglicans  are not really Anglicans ....but Baptists in disguise.
Mohler says...More humbling still is the fact that many churches, churchmen, and theologians gave sanction to that ideology of racial superiority. While this was true throughout the southern churches, Southern Baptists bear a particular responsibility and burden of history. The Southern Baptist Convention was not only founded by slaveholders; it was founded by men who held to an ideology of racial superiority and who bathed that ideology in scandalous theological argument. At times, white superiority was defended by a putrid exegesis of the Bible that claimed a “curse of Ham” as the explanation of dark skin — an argument that reflects such ignorance of Scripture and such shameful exegesis that it could only be believed by those who were looking for an argument to satisfy their prejudices.....

So Jack...will all the members of the Anglican Church League eventually be remembered for homophobia and misogyny?
I reckon that Gavin Poole will quote these as the ACL greatest yearly achievements ..but seriously previous achievements have been even more stupid.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Calling for the resignation of a bishop....of course David Ould has the details!!!!!!

The Sydney Anglican Church League says that David Ould has details that.... (OOOH AHHH ) ... not ONE but TWO prominent evangelical ministers in the Diocese of Oxford have appeared on BBC radio to call for the resignation of Bishop Alan Wilson…
Tony are those 2 prominant evangelical ministers ...like this lot ... because I can't wait to hear ACL 's President Gavin Poole speak  from God’s word about what the League has achieved, under God, over the last year.
Christopher....We all know the benefits of spreading bigotry...privatizing public education... so the rich will attend elite private schools...and public education can become second rate...just like women and homosexuals ...but can Gavin's God say he has stopped the boats and got rid of the Carbon Tax ?


Peter Jensen is at it again...flying around the world dividing the C of E

and all because he can't stand people ...who understand and accept ...that SSA people need love and companionship too ...And what about the divisive person ....finding it too offensive to attend the ordination of a female bishop ...the man is a bigot...he uses theology to support his bigoted ideology...and people like David Ould call me disgusting....please!

Well Merve...I'm with Jensen...We GAFCONITES know that marriage is about having sex and producing children....that's all I do day and night with my wife . SEX, SEX, SEX and more SEX.  Marriage has got nothing to do with sharing a house, travelling together, making decisions, listening to each other, watching TV together, supporting each other, providing companionship, sharing responsibilities, coping with the trials and tribulations of life and growing old together.
Hey Bruce...is Jensen a member of the IRA?... Oh surely he couldn't be...because there were two denominations involved in that conflict...perhaps that's why he wants to divide the C of E...you know to really escalate the dissention...Belfast could do with more conflict.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sydney Anglicans implent a domestic violence task force to counteract the effects of complementarianism

Now remember to remain submissive to the male headship within the home and church...and if your behaviour gets out of control and your husband has to discipline you...especially if he is ordained and has a job with Sydney Anglicans...then don't worry.. the Sydney Anglican domestic violence task force will be there to help you.

Dear me... Complementarianism....Why would you ever encourage a woman to remain submissive? You'd want her to recognise when she's in an abusive relationship... be able to speak up....have some social and financial independence...and  be encouraged to be part of  a reciprocal and equal relationship ... otherwise the erosion of her self esteem....the controlling behaviour of her husband/partner...  the social and  financial dependence upon someone else... may keep her trapped.
So who's going to run this "put a band-aid on it" task force...Peter Bolt who reckons men's rights are abused when it comes to DV...or Phillip Jensen who is an expert on wives submitting....or will it be David Ould who can't understand why women would want to take on men's roles...or maybe those  Equal but Different women whose aim is to keep women refined and in their place ... for their male leaders.  Personally I think a Royal Commission into the church and its mistreatment of women is in order... I wonder if complementarianism is to DV ...as  celibacy is to paedophillia

David Ould has the hide to criticise Hillsong for lack of discernment in having Mark Driscoll speak at a Hillsong event...when Sydney Anglicans had him speak at Moore College and St Andrew's Cathedral

No David...I think if we remove that plank from your eye...then your vision will be restored....but you being a Sydney Anglican... might like to get a second opinion from a male...because my position does not complement your ego... nor your ambition.

David Ould is becoming the new face of the Anglican Church League... since the old face has stepped aside from being all over the net! And David is upholding the hypocritical form displayed by Sydney Anglican fundamentalists. David criticises Hillsong for inviting Mark Driscoll... to speak at an event... but when it is pointed out that Sydney Anglicans actually had him speak at numerous events...including to students at Moore College.... and preaching at St Andrew's Cathedral... then David Ould claims... that no one knew what Mark Driscoll was like back then. In fact many people knew what Mark Driscoll was like... but much of what was published about him and by him ...reflected the Sydney Anglican stance. It was only after Mark Driscoll spoke ....and criticised ....the Sydney Anglican elders approach to evangelism.... that some Sydney Anglicans queried his approach. What is interesting is that the most prolific ....all over the net ....Sydney Anglican..... David Ould... remained quiet about Mark Driscoll....back then! But Mark Driscoll was a member of the The Gospel Coalition back then...Wouldn't like to snuff out any future opportunities!

You know that UK priest, Fr David Heron, alerted Anglicans to Mark Driscoll through his satirical blog ...the one the Ould's and Sydney Anglicans forced him to shut down (on numerous occasions) ...because he criticised Sydney Anglicans for travelling all over the world inciting hatred against gays... and because laughed at Peter Ould for declaring himself a self proclaimed  expert on homosexuality ...and for taking offence to Peter Ould's twin .... David Ould...who was criticising same-sex attracted people in the church and calling for their sacking on his blog and the right wing evangelical Standfirm site...What a joke... Standfirm had established itself as a major influence in promoting right wing evangelical politics throughout the worldwide C of E. Standfirm's writers obviously believed that others were not allowed to criticise them ...let alone laugh at their postings.
You know Fr David Heron was threated with blackmail ...and when he wouldn't cower to these bullies...was forced to apologise as part of  a litigation process brought on by David Ould.  Fundamentalist evangelical thinking rationalises that being offensive through satire cannot be tolerated...but being down right offensive and hypocritical through evangelical Jensenism is OK.
Fr Heron's blog was very popular ....those who like/d to be all over the net must have been getting jealous at the time. Anyways Calam...History will eventually tell the tale.

Well I had a similar experience with that Mark Driscoll character....I posted a satirical piece about Mark Driscoll being a wanker expert...which he is...and blow me down my blog was sabotaged by people having a go at Fr David Heron.... Seriously how could David Ould who is all over the net...and the Sydney Anglican Church League...not know about Mark Driscoll's writings...when Fr David Heron and I knew what he was like?  I mean Mark Driscoll wrote for  The Gospel Coalition ...just like David Ould reports that he does.  

Now take note ladies ...Mark Driscoll is right... I am a blokey bloke... and as Mark Driscoll says in the Porn-Again Christian ... Masterbation
can be a form of homosexuality...and ladies make sure you give your husbands a blow job tonight....What ...can he reciprocate? Only if you don't gain any pleasure from it!
Mark Driscoll also wrote...Without blushing, Paul is simply stating that when it comes to leading in the church, women are unfit because they are more gullible and easier to deceive than men. While many irate women have disagreed with his assessment through the years, it does appear from this that such women who fail to trust his instruction and follow his teaching are much like their mother Eve and are well-intended but ill-informed. . . Before you get all emotional like a woman in hearing this, please consider the content of the women’s magazines at your local grocery store that encourages liberated women in our day to watch porno with their boyfriends, master oral sex for men who have no intention of marrying them, pay for their own dates in the name of equality, spend an average of three-fourths of their childbearing years having sex but trying not to get pregnant, and abort 1/3 of all babies. . . and ask yourself if it doesn’t look like the Serpent is still trolling the garden and that the daughters of Eve aren’t gullible in pronouncing progress, liberation, and equality (p. 43).

And Jesus...Liberal Anglicans were supposed to keep their mouths shut while Sydney Anglicans promoted this trash?


Friday, June 5, 2015

Australians petition against the once upon a time ...Sydney Anglican pin up boy... Mark Driscoll...and his inclusion in Hillsong's conference

Records show...Without a shadow of doubt Seattle-based church planter Mark Driscoll was the most newsworthy person of the year for Sydney Anglicans.

Yes...Sydney Anglicans were in love with this pastor... and the Anglican Church League saw this pastor as someone who could help move the Sydney Anglican Diocese even further away from Anglicanism ...and align it even closer with the extremism displayed by US right wing evangelicals.

The SMH reports ... disgraced pastor who once referred to women as "penis-houses" and bemoaned the US as a "pussified nation" ....Natalie Collins, author of the Change  Org.  Petition , said Mr Driscoll has continued to proselytise his demeaning views of women, homosexual and non-conforming people...Ms Collins, a Hillsong member in the UK, argues Mr Driscoll's comments are tantamount to hate speech and should be condemned ...

Geeze Bill....Natalie Collins sounds like she's describing Sydney Anglicans...Do you reckon we could petition a posse to run Sydney Anglicans out of Sydney...or even better...Australia?

Yep Calam...them Sydney Anglicans sure did love Mark Driscoll...especially that Phillip Jensen fellow

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

David Ould posts that marriage is not love...but goes onto say that many marriages are based on love ...and it was because of the love he felt during his 6 month courtship that made him marry his wife.

However David can't apply that logic or give that same level of charity to people in same-sex relationships. Instead he uses twisted thinking to justify his fundamentalist anti same-sex marriage stance. He uses arranged marriages to validate the term marriage and meaning of marriage.
He must be in favour of the new TV show Married at First Sight where couples marry and then get to know each other.

David's right you know Tony ...because  good Christian men can't have sex outside of marriage...so it's all about marriage... not love...because marriage is only about sex and having kids ...except if you are David Ould...and then you are allowed the bonus of love!

So Christopher...does that mean it's OK to marry for citizenship?

Hey Bill ...does that mean the traditionalists like David Ould are going to stick up for polygamists because they are heterosexual ...you know...when he says...No, the call for “marriage equality” isn’t about equality. It’s about demanding that the state publicly affirm a particular form of relationship; homosexual partnerships. Let the polyamorists worry about themselves!
I don't know Calam...but what about the bit where David says...I don’t know about you, but I think I have my head around the realities of this. I live a very different life to many many people around me, some of whom think I’m nuts. But I don’t demand that they affirm me. I don’t ask the government to make it illegal for them to criticise my moral choices... WTF...Is this about his right to discriminate ...because he sure is allowed to marry for love ...or arrange his own marriage... And I DO think he demanded that it be deemed illegal ...when he was criticised for writing articles ...that many felt were nothing short of encouraging hatred and bigotry. David found the opinions of others to be offensive... yet never considered how others felt when they were exposed to his self righteous and judgmental articles that he published on the Standfirm and personal blogsites... Articles that called for the sacking of people... and comments that caused deep emotional responses ...from others because they felt he was offending loved ones and friends.

Geeze Dan...I just get so sick of women being compared to things that are bad, inferior and evil... Adam could have said "No" ...if he hadn't been so weak! What about David's analogy... that the wayward church is a bride...and not a groom!
Well Roseanne...that's why fundamentalists won't recognise same- sex marriage...who are they going to blame when two males are married?
Dan I reckon David's bit should read like this...
It’s a love of an eternal and divine wife for her wayward husband....


Monday, June 1, 2015

Let God be a 'she...' says Church of England's Women's Group...

And why not? Surely God is a complementarian ...just like Sydney Anglicans!

Reminds me of  what we were trying to say in Sydney in the  70's and 80's !