Sunday, November 4, 2012

Anthony Venn-Brown explains that closeted gays and those presenting with an ex-gay facard spend a lifetime in denial and suffer a dualistic existence in order to be acceptable to God and others.

So Michael...Why would I want someone to change their sexual identity to be acceptable to me...and more importantly...why would anyone aspire to gain acceptance from misguided, judgmental and  prejudical people who base their faith in a discriminatory God ? 
Anthony Venn-Brown has produced an excellent article explaining on what happens to sexually conflicted same-sex attracted Christians, when they embrace the type of Christianity that brands SSA people and their advocates as atheists and heretics.

Say you reckon them Sydney Anglicans can offer some support to Jessica Simpson's dad?

I dunno Calam...he reckon's he's not gay...but I reckon that Haydn fella could work on Joe's porn addiction...if he has one

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