Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Michael Jensen reviews the Liberty Christian Ministries' committee chairman's new book...'Transformed by God'

I want to recommend  David Peterson's books 'Possessed By God' and  'Transformed by God'... because they helped me get where I am today!  

The committee chairman of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, David Peterson, has written a new book called Transformed by God, which is a sequel to Possessed by God...instead of  Possessed by Evil. Michael Jensen tells us that... One must assume that the theme follows along the lines in which he (Peterson) showed how the Bible sees ‘sanctification’ as not a process as much as a work in us by God parallel to our justification... when most of us thought it was more along the lines of a Stephen King sequel... Gollum's Journey out of Homosexuality, and into Sexual Conflictedness.
Michael Jensen tells his readers ... In an era of self-help books and with Christian bookshops awash with unbiblical drivel on this subject, Peterson’s book stands out... and that's probably because of the extremism and sensationalism used to attract readers... if it is like other publications written by Sydney Anglicans
Bill...them titles are right up there with The Twilight series...I reckon if Matthias Media keep on publishing stuff like that then all their money worries are over... Their sensationalistic titles sound like the basis for great  movie material...I'm sure them Christian kids would pay good bucks to watch people living with demon homosexuals...and  being saved by Phillip Jensen's and Tony Payne's version of pure sex...which ultimately climaxes into a God tranforming experience of sexual wholeness! Yes Calam...I reckon it might even be better than 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer"...and Moore College would be the perfect setting...what with them feminists and gays out to get them ! Do you know what Calam...them Sydney Anglicans can dress God up as a homosexual slayer ...complete with tights and a cloak...Oh come to think of it ...them Sydney Anglicans much prefer bombs and tanks...when representing God!

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