Friday, November 16, 2012

Haydn Sennitt gives some advice to Vaughan Roberts...don't accept your homosexuality...overcome it

In October 2012 one of the world’s leading evangelical preachers, Vaughan Roberts, disclosed in an interview that he has experienced same-sex attractions throughout much of his life. Haydn Sennit has written about where Roberts gets it wrong ...when  Roberts says that he feels God  didn't promise to change his sexual orientation... only Haydn's! 

           So how do you make a man like Vaughan Roberts shiny and new!

Well that's easy... Don't live with same-sex attraction as though it is a deformed limb...instead...
1. Marry a  young naive Christian girl
2. Read and promote sloppy research
3. Have children... because fathers solve all of society's problems...and of course LGBTI people have never had fathers...that's why they are unnatural
4. turn to Anglican Mainstream... one of the most offensive websites on the internet ...for help
5. blame your parents for yor sexual orientation
6. and most importantly watch this exerp from Lord of the Rings

And Vaughan...if the above doesn't make you change... then your faith is questionable... "because when I hear another Christian, though he be tremendously gifted, saying that God cannot do something because in his experience it has not been achieved, I cannot in good conscience have much faith in a testimony like that".... it's..." the limited experience of a man who has not yet tasted God’s power in working through his sin"...  "If that is true, then Roberts is identifying himself through his sin issue and not through Christ"

Haydn...did you ever stop to think that it's about having integrity, being honest, and taking responsibility for who I am... and what I choose to believe? That way I'm not ruining... or encouraging others to ruin...innocent peoples lives... when blaming them for my sexual orientation or involving them in emotional and sexual relationships that I can't commit to fully.

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