Sunday, November 4, 2012

Have Sydney Anglicans been advising South Australian police on how to keep gay police officers in the closet?

South Australian police officers have again been denied permission to participate in the Adelaide Pride March in uniform.
The decision comes despite calls from the South Australian Minister for Social Inclusion, Ian Hunter, for SAPOL to follow the lead of the NSW and Victorian police by allowing officers to march in uniform.
Hunter said...“Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers were introduced to provide a partnership and support between SAPOL and all elements of the community and also within the organisation by promoting equity and diversity in the workplace. 44 employees currently undertake this important role.”
Adelaide’s Pride March will be held on Saturday November 10 starting from Victoria Square at 5.30pm

Say Ennis...them Sydney Anglicans should get off their butts and help the SA government purge their police force of female know... force them to go home and submit to their their husbands can be better husbands!
I dunno Jack...I think I'd rather sign a petition to help prevent the closeting of gay police officers...than promote more prejudice.


I'll have to ask Raj what Sydney Anglican men are like before their wives learn to submit! I wonder if Helen Jensen's submission was responsible for  making Phillip Jensen a better husband ...oh ...and an expert on clergy wives and women in general?

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