Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is Sydney Anglican, Mark Thompson, getting ready to take over as Sydney's next following in the footsteps of Peter Jensen...when he calls the new Archbishop of Canterbury a coward?

One of Dorothy's readers over at Loonpond comments, that it is rumoured, that the ex President of the Anglican Church League, Mark Thompson, is a contender for archbishop Peter Jensen's job when he retires. Peter Jensen is well known for the animosity he has displayed towards Rowan Williams, who is the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury. Well it seems that Mark Thompson wants to continue with that level of animosity and describes Welby as... able to communicate clearly and winsomely. However, as he prepares to take up this challenging role at a very challenging time, one characteristic that has not been attributed to him is ‘courage’... or does Mark Thompson mean bigotry?

Mark Thompson wants Welby to:
  • tell Ms Jefferts Schori and her companions that they must be intolerant prejudical people like Sydney Anglicans 
  •  break away from the Cof E and join GAFCON
  • get rid of gay clergy
  • protect misogynists
  • promote dischord between the C of E and the secular world
  • allow evangelicals to plant Sydney Anglican churches throughout Britian to destablilise the C of E even more

Oh and this is the best one... and from a group who promote sexual identy change and the marriage of same-sex attracted to naive heterosexuals. Mark says..."Will you (Welby) have the courage to challenge the British government over its social engineering agenda, including the promotion of the legitimacy of homosexual behaviour?" It's a pity Mark and Sydney Anglicans like him...don't stop persecuting liberal Anglicans and the UK government ..and instead turn their outrage towards another group of fundamentalists who share their own backyard!


  1. Mmmm, maybe. I wonder if they'll go for someone like Al Stewart. He's been a bishop, very keen on increasing the market share, and he's perhaps a more acceptable public face than Thompson.

    That said, there's been a bit a move in, for instance 'The Church Record', to talk up the idea of someone much younger. That could be any number of younger ambitious ones. Could it be Michael Jensen? That would be funny!

  2. Archbishop Peter Jensen has made a statement about the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse within Australian churches.

  3. Should have seen it coming. Thomson resigned from head of ACL 'cause he was going to be made Principal of Moore Bible College -