Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Mark Thompson says... opposing womens' equality within the church... "genuinely values women as opposed to devaluing them."

I hear the Muslims and the Christians are in conflict in Nigeria...and that new to be Archbishop of Canterbury is into promoting tolerance..Pffff...You go and show him how to deal with dissention,  Mark...never mind if the conflict escalates's all about Sydney Anglican biblical inerrancy.
...Yeah right...the C of E's being forced legally to embrace equality...bring that on ...because we who believe in inequality will fight to the death for it...remember what Mark Thompson says... Inequality within the church genuinely values women...oh but men more!

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  1. It blows my mind that those who have always held onto power, when faced with arguments for equality, cry victim. Fighting the king?! How many bongs has this guy been smoking???
    Equal but different - used in the apartheid movement and continued to be used in the church's gender apartheid movement.