Friday, May 3, 2013

By not giving blood...David Ould prevents a Mad Cow outbreak in a suburb of Western Sydney


Yeah Ennis ...I've heard about Mad Cow Disease...but I think this is a different kind ...this kind of contamination occurs when Sydney Anglicans spread sexism and homophobia throughout a community... spreads like sheeps' mentality!
What do you  reckon Jake...we don't want our homosexuality to cause a stampede...let's call in the big gun!


  1. Homophobia and bigotry can't be carried in the bloodstream like AIDS. No one is born homophobic. It is a lifestyle taught at places like Moore College which has many mad cows among its students. They are known as women.

    1. That is very funny Anonymous...if it wasn't so sad.

  2. I don't get this post. Do you have a problem with something David wrote in his post about giving blood Calamity?

    Or is anything he writes just an excuse to playing the same ol tune again? I feel like we've heard it before.

  3. You are right, Sam. People who preach misogyny and homophobia are plain boring. It's time ministers from Moore College just shut up.

  4. Sam, I thought Christians who commit to Sydney Anglicanism never tire of reading about misogyny and homophobia. GAFCON was built on the back of underpins Sydney Anglicanism. I was present at synod, when Glenn Davies stood under two giant banners of Bishop Akinola and Venerables(I thought it was a meeting of the Third Reich) where he encouraged the diocese to move away from moderates in the C of E and align itself with those who persecute gays, and continue to discriminate against people because of gender. David Ould's Standfirm's site was instrumental in encouraging and politicising this stance. David Ould self promotes when he posts that he is a prolific writer for Standfirm and that this site is one of the most widely read evangelical sites on the net...and from what I've read recently, the politicising is still the why wouldn't the commentry get boring?
    I can't understand why you feel the need to defend a religious journalist of such note; surely all who preach absolutes are eligible for criticism. You have no hestiation in criticising me...and that's OK.

  5. Thanks for your reply Calamity, I found it infinitely more interesting, and though provoking, than the original post. And I agree that those who have a public platform open themselves up to a higher degree of scrutiny and criticism.

    My point was not that you should not write against him, or against Sydney, or GAFCON, or anything else, but rather that you ought to be more selective.

    Maybe your style is not quite to my taste, and maybe I'm not your intended audience and that's ok. I just wonder if you might come closer to achieving your goals if you were to mix the satire and rhetoric with more though provoking material such as the above reply.