Saturday, May 25, 2013

Equality is not the issue ...says Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen

Let's qualify that...Equality has never been and issue for Sydney Anglicans... Sexism, homophobia and nepotism are more in keeping with what I was about.

Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, has publicly disagreed with former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who  now says he supports same sex marriage.

Say Bill...that Peter Jensen is a real comedian...what with him being the master of literal Bible readings like Adam and Eve and Noah's Ark ...and him saying that Kevin Rudd's  discussion of the bible is historically shallow and that he may be too confident about the state of current research.

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  1. Equality is a word unknown to the Jensen Family Firm. Kevin Rudd was a mere PM - hardly equal to God's Bigot on Earth, Peter Jensen. And the richly-blessed minister at Darling Point is far superior to the obscure cleric at the riotous Macquarie Fields.