Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gene Robinson is welcomed by the NSW Parliament...but ignored by the Sydney Anglican Diocese

Now my theory is ... when in your own backyard...pretend your opposition does not exist...because you don't want to crap in your own drawing attention to your bigotry...that's what overseas travel is for....stirring up trouble in other parts of the worldwide Anglican Church!

The Sydney Star Observer reports that the NSW Parliament has welcomed Bishop Robinson to NSW ... unlike Peter Jensen who wrote in 2003 that Robinson's consecration as a bishop... was catastrophic decision ...that could not simply be allowed to pass away into history as a one-off aberration.

Say Mrs Slocombe...that Peter Jensen fella sounds like a bit of an aberration himself...don't he?  
Oh I don't know luv...he's about as big as aberration as his brother Phillip...and won't these two Sydney Anglicans go down in history as shameless arrogant bigots... who were responsible for the greatest financial aberration (aka greed) in the history of the Sydney Anglican Diocese.


  1. When Archbigot Jensen retires we can pretend he doesn't exist! Unfortunately, nepotism ensures the Jensen bloodline will continue to invade the Anglican Communion like the AIDS virus, spreading puritanism, misery and hate long after Peter the Aberration has collected his pension.

  2. I wonder if Jensen will condemn Fred Nile for abetting adultery by marrying a divorced woman? Oh, perhaps the Biblical edict against that is more nuanced than that against being gay. Hang on, do I remember a case where a Sydney Anglican priest hounded out for something similar?