Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sydney Anglican David Ould's co-author at Standfirm states that Africans who practice polygamy can convert to Christianity...and keep all their wives because the Bible doesn't believe in divorce.

Oh come on  Fr... they're only women for God's sake...and I'm just doing my duty in keeping as many as I can submissive! Each one complements me in a different way!
 David Ould's co- author at Standfirm, Matt Kennedy responds to the recently published C of E document called Men and Women in Marriage. Matt welcomes polygamists and divorcees into the C of E ...but refuses to tolerate gays and lesbians. He states that the only way the C of E can mend its brokenness is through reconciliation, which  is conditional upon the repentence of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada, and not Matt Kennedy...because God told Matt it is his right to judge others. Matt goes on to say that if they remain unrepentant, then they must be removed from the Communion and, for the love of the souls given to our care, homosexual sin must not be tolerated either in principle or practice. If these conditions are not met, I pray that the ties and links between the ACNA and the CofE continue to weaken and ultimately sever. The spiritual health and well-being of the flock of God is our most pressing concern not institutional unity with the Church of England.


  1. You can tell a man by the company he keeps. Matt Kennedy and Dobby make suitable bedfellows (if you'll pardon the somewhat gay expression)
    David Ould has risen rapidly up the Sydney Anglican ladder. His amazing promotion is in the 'Macarthur Chronicle' no less. Dobby has made clear at the start of his first sermon at Glenquarie that "I'm in charge" - emphasising it twice. This is to ensure his unfortunate parishioners remain totally submissive.

    1. Ewwww! A hefty dose of dumbassenfreude there.