Wednesday, May 8, 2013

David Ould at Standfirm outlines the form of some of the starters lining up in the Archbishop of Sydney race.

What odds did you get boys...I got 10 to 1 ...that I'd run last?
Anglican race caller and Standfirm's religious reporter, David Ould, says that the race for Archbishop of Sydney has begun. David reports that the first candidate is Glenn Davies...he's the man who stood under the two giant banners of Bishop Akinola and Venerables, at what resembled  a meeting of the Third Reich, to  encourage the Sydney diocese to move away from moderates in the C of E and align itself with those who persecute gays, and continue to discriminate against women within the church.
David, displaying the prominance and power that he possesses within the diocese, and worldwide, assures readers that he'll be having more to say about the choice of archbishop ...because of the need for the Sydney to support the FCA/GAFON movement.

Ennis...I heard there are a few more colourful characters in the running

No Jake ... the dark horse is flying in this month!


  1. Surely Phillip Jensen should succeed his brother, followed by Michael Jensen when Uncle Phil becomes senile. It's known as 'Apostolic Succession' by Anglicans - or 'Nepotism' by fundamentalists in Sydney Diocese.

  2. Shouldn't your joke it be the other way around Anonymous???

    'Apostolic Succession' by fundamentalists in the Sydney Diocese, - or 'Nepotism' by the rest of the Anglicans.

    And how about leaving a name instead of a string of 'cheap shots' - better known as 'anonymous comments'?

  3. It"s Sydney, Sam.

    Stick around till you've seen for yourself what the Jensensists do to people speaking out for justice and truth and you'll understand why most remain anonymous.

  4. Sam
    I don't think you can call the comment cheap...
    the precedence has already been set and what historically mainstream church has been used to push the financial interests of a family and friends? Personally, I think it's not a good look and simply a conflict of interest.
    Sam...I think many people who comment anonymously do so because they have experienced the wrath of some Sydney Anglicans either directly or indirectly.

  5. Anonymous and Jane: I do understand the desire for anonymity.

    Indeed, I feel the desire myself: you might recall the post you wrote about me when I first stuck my head out (albeit rashly) Jane?

    And I am aware that I continue to take risks by publishing under my own name. But I feel that it helps me (not always successfully) to be more restrained and thoughtful in what I say than I might be if I were under the protection of anonymity.

  6. Replies
    1. I don't understand what you mean Jane. Were you replying to something specific I wrote above? If so, what?

  7. Sydney's form of Anglicanism is headed towards extinction. This blog simply helps it on its way. Normal Sydneysiders are not attracted by religious extremism and bigotry. Get out now, Sam. You are on the wrong side of history by defending the indefensible. Your religion is a stain on one of the world's loveliest cities.

  8. I think the days of Jenepotism may be over. The old famiglia seem to be taking different sides this election (even the ACL is split on this one). Phillip Jensen, along with most of the old guard, is supporting Tricky Dicky Smith whereas Michael Jensen, and his band of radical revisionists are pumping for Glenn Davies.

    Now you might wonder why hipsters like Jensen, Muffet, Katay, Dickson et al are supporting that old crusty who, despite his rather liberal use of hair dye, is 63! Well I think they figure they can't get their man up this time round (Dickson, probably), so they'll put Davies in to keep the throne warm for a few years by which time they'll have mustered the numbers.

    Meanwhile, the old fogies, who include such luminaries as Philip Jensen, Peter Dolt, Mark ‘Donald’ Thompson and Sandy Grant (who is not that old - just precociously senile) want the somewhat juvenile Smithy in to stall the rise of the modsters for a few more years.

    And Dobby’s role in all of this – nothing significant, he’s just using the election to make a bigger idiot of himself than usual.

  9. Surely Dobby's support for Rick spells the kiss of death for Smithy's hopes of becoming the next leader of the Family Firm.

  10. Joe Dallas[andro]May 9, 2013 at 5:20 AM

    Dobby's involvement is nothing more than an irritating pimple on any human affair - his support will be insignificant. It was interesting, though, to see how shirty Dickson got when Dobby claimed on his website that Davies had not disclosed who is running his campaign. It was less than edifying (though amusing, in a cringey sort of way) to see Dobby try to smarm and squirm his way out of admitting his error. No one takes Dobby seriously...I hope.

  11. Isn't it fascinating that nobodies become grandstanding somebodies at the Anglican Communion simply for despising LGBT Anglicans and female clergy? It's some kind of last outpost for mob-attempt rule by common thugs/accomplices (of course the whole of them are chickenshits on the run).

  12. I must draw issue wth you Mr. Dallas. I do believe that Dobby takes himself very seriously indeed. Although I must concede that I have thus far been unable to find anyone else afflicted with that particular malady.
    And in addition I've got to admit to also very much enjoying the exchange between Dobby and the suspiciously-named Mr. Dickson to which you refer. Whilst our Saviour might have been correct in claiming that people will recognize his followers by their love, I've always insisted that orthodox fundamentalists can be most accurately recognized by their passive-aggression.And doesn't the repartee between those two prove me correct??!!

  13. Indeed, Rev Troll. Dobby and Dicko are fine examples of the Sydney zeitgeist – cheesy, though a little slimy, on the outside with a hard, bitter centre. It doesn’t take much for them to be at each others throats. Dobby is not really a player, but Dickson is very ambitious and is gathering a coterie of assorted creatures for an assault on Mordor. Unlike Dobby, he’s got himself a well-to-do little parish as a platform for his next move – which could perhaps be the bishopric of Northern Sydney after they have installed Davies in Darling Point?

    Unfortunately Dickson’s plans for his parish do not seem to be going so well. Despite vigorous exhortations for the good burghers of Roseville to support his ambitions, they don’t seem to be coming to the party with cash or recruitment, and there are rumblings about his commitment to the parish.

  14. Hey Calamity
    Did you see that Michael Jensen has given up his cushy job at Moore Bible School to minister to the poor and the needy at Darling Point! What sacrifices won't that man make? I bet it makes Dobby wish he had sucked up to Phillip Jensen a little more!

    1. A nice little parting gift from Daddy?

  15. Perhaps poor Dobby might be sent food parcels from Mr Jensen's rich new parish. "Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master's table." Matt 15 v27

  16. Did you know that Elton John got married (to a girl!!!) at Michael Jensen's new earner? That was the beginning of the end for ex-gay ministries in Sydney.

  17. This video has just been leaked from the bunker at St Andrews House.