Thursday, August 8, 2013

And the laughs just keep coming when you read the Sydney Anglican Australian Church Record...The edition that was dedicated to the election of Rick Smith!

Well I see myself as a Kerry Stokes... and a Frank Lowy ..and a Gerry Harvey...and I bet none of them could boast ... a loss of over  $100 million...or was it $160 million
 of someone else's money?

The group who wrote the August edition of the Sydney Anglican publication... known as The Australian Church Record...compared the role of archbishop to the some of the most successful CEO's... and their study showed that CEO selection needed to be based on age...and it was the authors' ages, not their stupidity and greed, that saw them as part of the core group... who sent the diocese broke gambling on the stock market! 

Stan...seriously...these dudes kill me...I hope they never retire...they are a laugh a minute!
Yeah I know...but they forgot the other factor they all had in common to ensure a minimum $160 million loss of diocesan funds... you got to be a heterosexual complementarian male!


  1. Closer to $300 million...

  2. This blog is important. I am an lawyer in London also outraged at Sydney Anglicanism's fundamentalism and repression of women and gays. I had the misfortune of growing up at St Clements Jannali when Bruce Ballantine-Jones was minister. Fundamentalism is a cult and it prevents people, especially women and young people, from realising their potential, wrongly preaching that it is more 'Godly' to be married, married young, have a big family, submit to your husband. It is dangerous stuff and I am actively opposed. I am glad to have found your blog. From London, I have been wondering if there are other women actively opposing Sydney fundamentalism,

  3. Hello Cambridge
    Bruce Ballantine -Jones was actually the front man in orchestrating the defeat of qomens ordination in Sydney in the 80s. You came across the top bully.
    There is a group called MOWatch in Sydney but they are all quite elderly women now. Most progressive Sydney Anglican women left the Sydney Diocese...and why wouldn't they?