Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Luck Bishop Davies...I've double I can't attend you inauguration.

Phillip Jensen has offered his congratulations to Glenn Davies who has taken over as Sydney's Anglican archbishop.

Bill that was big of Phillip Jensen to wish Glenn Davies success...especially after being so divisive prior to the election...but I reckon he could have showed his respect by attending Mr Davies inauguration.. I'd understand  if Glenn was a woman or a homosexual.
I don't know Calam...Phillip likes hearing the sound of his own voice talking at a conference has got to be more appealing.  Let's hope Phillip doesn't continue to work at being divisive ....I mean remember Harry Goodhew...when the conservative group... who still hold themselves up as being virtuous role models for  others in  the diocese... sought to reduce the retirement age of the incumbent archbishop as to get rid of Harry...but then politicised to extend the age Peter Jensen could extend his reign as archbishop! It's really hard to respect these conservatives...let alone see them as credible! They seem to continue to preach and model theological manipulation...but what would I know Calam...I'm not a Moore College I know nothing!  


  1. Yes, you are right Jane, it was a terrible sign of narcissism for Phillip to advise both candidates prior to the election that he was going to keep his word regarding a prior commitment. Shame on him.

  2. Sam...Phillip's article is there for all to see.

    1. I know, I read it. That's my point: he was up front right from the start, and kept his prior engagement.

      Your point seems to be that wouldn't attend the inauguration because his horse didn't get up and win, but mostly because he so much prefers the sound of his own voice.

      Or did I misunderstand you?

  3. Mr Davies must be very disappointed that someone who campaigned against him won't be present at the Inauguration of the Chief Bigot.

  4. It is typical of a diocese which preaches a false gospel that it should select an old bloke who dyes his hair. At least Jensen was a grey-haired old bigot.

  5. Is it really dye or just a very nasty toupee?