Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome to The Australian Church Record's ...Sydney Anglican Archbishop Trivia Quiz...with only one participant due to the biased intent of the authors.

OMG it is so hard to choose...but I think this has got to be my favourite  question...

If you had been in archbishop Jensen's shoes with the same freedoms and responsibilities, would you have created GAFCON, or gone to Lambeth, or gone to Lambeth or gone to GAFCON if somebody else created it, or gone to both GAFCON and Lambeth as some evangelicals did? 

 ...And Rick Smith's answer..."I don't know"... What's he mean he doesn't ****ing know?...Doesn't the man have an opinion?...Probably didn't understand the question, which was written with the intent to out Glenn Davies... I mean rumour has it that Glenn Davies wasn't in favour of the Lambeth boycott...but he was the person who was used at synod to sure up the vote so the Sydney Diocese would support the Lambeth boycott...and attend GAFCON...such ambiguity is the nature of the Sydney Anglican psyche!

Well hello... I'm the editor of The Australia Church Record ...and you can see all our questions ...right here in the August issue...but here's a few snippets to wet your appetite...

Q. I understand that you grew up in the Sydney Diocese, when it came time for your theological training, why did you choose to go to Moore College?
A. Rick's answer... Only because I wanted to be an Anglican minister in Sydney and I was told I had to.
NB. According to the Bible Society...Glenn Davies attended the Presbyterian-aligned Westminster Theological Seminary...and not Moore College.
Q. Sydney is known for its conservative evangelical Protestant stance.
What are the early signs of an evangelical going liberal
What are the early signs of a Protestant turning Catholic?

Well...I was going to say compassion...but my complementarian parents told me the right answer is ...when they start to growing a tail and horns...because they've begun to  reject the bigotry and discrimination of  power broking nutters ... like those who have constructed this Quiz!
 Q. Sydney has repeatedly rejected the ordination of women.
This has arisen from the complementarian view of men and women.
How would explain that position simply?

Oh come on boys...that one is too easy...Everyone knows that when the old Sydney Anglican boys were young... they were threatened by women wanting to be ordained as equals... and didn't like the criticism they were hearing about the mistreatment of some of the Anglican in all their graciousness...they allowed all those progressive thinking women to go elsewhere...and allowed all the women who submit to  Phillip Jensen's view of female subjugation.
And here's a couple of questions those Sydney Anglican Complementarian boys and girls could have asked Rick and Glenn...1.What do you do when  an evangelical shows signs of turning liberal? ....and 2. Now that the Sydney Diocese is including the refugee issue in it's mission, then what happens to the promotion of the Matthias Media's "Essential Jensen"...ooh does that say "Essential Jesus"? you reckon Glenn Davies would fight for a boat load of homosexuals from Uganda...or do you reckon he'd send them to PNG?                                                     

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