Monday, August 5, 2013

Some Christians might think that having Phillip Jensen as your political backer is like carrying dead weight...but not Sydney Anglicans...they love to be they should love this post!

Phillip Jensen has put his weight behind, or some might say, on top of Rick Rick's challenge for Archbishop. Phillip Jensen has once again showed his sledge hammer subtlety... and need to always have the last word.

So what's new? Could David Ould be Phillip's love child?...No I never said Phillip Jensen's love child!

This time Phillip Jensen has offended and theologically misrepresented Glenn Davis ...

And I say... what's new ? We're all hethens in Phillip's eyes unless we've got his "Two Ways to Live" etched into our psyche!

Yes Phillip Jensen has managed to use his position and influence yet again ...this time ...he has used it to rally support for Rick Smith ...on all the extremist right wing websites... such as The Briefing and The Anglican Church League.

OMG!  Just how extreme IS Rick Smith ...having someone like Phillip Jensen as his political backer?  Reminds me  of  Alan Jones and Tony Abbott!.  Glenn Davies might be like Malcolm Turnbull ...and have a mind of his own...but he seems to be fairly extreme to me...what with his comments about keeping Satan out of the Sydney Diocese...along with feminists and gays! I wonder if it's very Christian to manipulate the truth about Rick's synod support...but what would I know...I'm one of those material atheists that Phillip Jensen is always criticising...I think Phillip says God is OK about some lies! Yes...that Phillip Jensen is enough to give all red blooded complementarian women "hard ons" EVERY morning at 3 am!  Has Phillip Jensen lost his touch?


  1. Does it matter who is elected to lead this ridiculous diocese? Each candidate is as bigoted and as stupid as the other. Whoever is elected will be ignored - or laughed at - by normal, secular Sydneysiders.

  2. Rapidly loosing any vestige of respect for your incoherent and tacky rants.

    They used to be at least a little bit humours. Now they are just a boring and gross misrepresentation of events.

    Oh, and did I mention predictable?

  3. "Incoherent and tacky"
    A perfect description of Sydney Diocese!

  4. Another man in a fundamentalist's business suit has been appointed to this obscure Diocese.
    Someone called Mr Davies. Yawn.

  5. Anon 2...Of course these posts are predictable ...but they are a rehash of the conservative Sydney Anglican mindset...and from what I've witnessed...there is nothing more predictable that Phillip Jensen's need for control.

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