Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dorothy... over at the Loon Pond has put together a good piece about the tactics used by some Sydney Anglicans... in their attempt to prevent Glenn Davies from becoming Archbishop of Sydney

And I dared to criticise ...I could have been killed instead of being continually winged  ...but I do like  BIG FISH because they are nice and juicy

Mrs Slocombe...what about this quote ...
one person was absent from his usual chair that night: Phil Jensen. He had spent Sunday at St Andrew's Cathedral handing out print copies of another blog claiming, with no evidence, that Davies was biblically dodgy.
It didn't work, and a furious Jensen spent Tuesday afternoon reeling from the loss of the clergy vote and talking to supporters about whether he should turn up to synod at all. He was spied by only one or two people. He has now deleted the two essays he wrote deriding Davies, inserting one containing fulsome praise instead"....Now jolt my memory Mr Humphries...because I was sure a photo of an Ould was removed from The Anglican Church League website...just prior to legal threats being issued to  someone else for posting that exact same photo...They sure are shifty little critters  ... some Sydney Anglicans!

Did someone say the word Ould...because I heard somewhere on The Australian Church record site ...that Peter Jensen made one of those Oulds  what he is today.

Yeah ...kind of the same sentiments I have for Phillip Jensen! And just incase Phillip Jensen's essay goes's published in the blog below.

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  1. Thank you for preserving on the web Phillip Jensen's hatred of his new boss. There isn't another diocese in the world whose members hate each other more than in Sydney. This is only surpassed by their vile hatred of women and gays. A church built on hatred is destined for extinction. Praise the Lord!