Friday, May 31, 2013

Hitler finds out Rick Smith is running for Archbishop of the Sydney Anglican Diocese

A reader of this blog has just leaked the video below from the bunker at St Andrews House.  Thank you Anon.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Gene Robinson is welcomed by the NSW Parliament...but ignored by the Sydney Anglican Diocese

Now my theory is ... when in your own backyard...pretend your opposition does not exist...because you don't want to crap in your own drawing attention to your bigotry...that's what overseas travel is for....stirring up trouble in other parts of the worldwide Anglican Church!

The Sydney Star Observer reports that the NSW Parliament has welcomed Bishop Robinson to NSW ... unlike Peter Jensen who wrote in 2003 that Robinson's consecration as a bishop... was catastrophic decision ...that could not simply be allowed to pass away into history as a one-off aberration.

Say Mrs Slocombe...that Peter Jensen fella sounds like a bit of an aberration himself...don't he?  
Oh I don't know luv...he's about as big as aberration as his brother Phillip...and won't these two Sydney Anglicans go down in history as shameless arrogant bigots... who were responsible for the greatest financial aberration (aka greed) in the history of the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Equality is not the issue ...says Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen

Let's qualify that...Equality has never been and issue for Sydney Anglicans... Sexism, homophobia and nepotism are more in keeping with what I was about.

Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, has publicly disagreed with former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who  now says he supports same sex marriage.

Say Bill...that Peter Jensen is a real comedian...what with him being the master of literal Bible readings like Adam and Eve and Noah's Ark ...and him saying that Kevin Rudd's  discussion of the bible is historically shallow and that he may be too confident about the state of current research.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sydney Anglican David Ould's co-author at Standfirm states that Africans who practice polygamy can convert to Christianity...and keep all their wives because the Bible doesn't believe in divorce.

Oh come on  Fr... they're only women for God's sake...and I'm just doing my duty in keeping as many as I can submissive! Each one complements me in a different way!
 David Ould's co- author at Standfirm, Matt Kennedy responds to the recently published C of E document called Men and Women in Marriage. Matt welcomes polygamists and divorcees into the C of E ...but refuses to tolerate gays and lesbians. He states that the only way the C of E can mend its brokenness is through reconciliation, which  is conditional upon the repentence of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Church of Canada, and not Matt Kennedy...because God told Matt it is his right to judge others. Matt goes on to say that if they remain unrepentant, then they must be removed from the Communion and, for the love of the souls given to our care, homosexual sin must not be tolerated either in principle or practice. If these conditions are not met, I pray that the ties and links between the ACNA and the CofE continue to weaken and ultimately sever. The spiritual health and well-being of the flock of God is our most pressing concern not institutional unity with the Church of England.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

David Ould at Standfirm outlines the form of some of the starters lining up in the Archbishop of Sydney race.

What odds did you get boys...I got 10 to 1 ...that I'd run last?
Anglican race caller and Standfirm's religious reporter, David Ould, says that the race for Archbishop of Sydney has begun. David reports that the first candidate is Glenn Davies...he's the man who stood under the two giant banners of Bishop Akinola and Venerables, at what resembled  a meeting of the Third Reich, to  encourage the Sydney diocese to move away from moderates in the C of E and align itself with those who persecute gays, and continue to discriminate against women within the church.
David, displaying the prominance and power that he possesses within the diocese, and worldwide, assures readers that he'll be having more to say about the choice of archbishop ...because of the need for the Sydney to support the FCA/GAFON movement.

Ennis...I heard there are a few more colourful characters in the running

No Jake ... the dark horse is flying in this month!

Monday, May 6, 2013

The smartest thing ever posted on a Sydney Anglican website was written by an atheist!

Sam Freney has posted a link where Chris Stedman, evangelical turned atheist ,offers advice to Christians on how to talk with non-Christians.

Ennis...Sydney Anglicans can't even get on with fellow Anglicans so what hope have they got of speaking with atheists ?

Well least atheists aren't being damned as heretics Christians who find it hard to surrender to  the Sydney Anglican principles of ...
Jake...that's called faith ...Sydney Anglican style!

Friday, May 3, 2013

By not giving blood...David Ould prevents a Mad Cow outbreak in a suburb of Western Sydney


Yeah Ennis ...I've heard about Mad Cow Disease...but I think this is a different kind ...this kind of contamination occurs when Sydney Anglicans spread sexism and homophobia throughout a community... spreads like sheeps' mentality!
What do you  reckon Jake...we don't want our homosexuality to cause a stampede...let's call in the big gun!