Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feel the Christian love at Standfirm!

Clint comments on Standfirm:

Posts like this go a long way towards hurting our ability to truly love and reach out to the gay community.

I’d say that posts like these demonstrate the lack of love altogether. And any non-Christian gays who came to check out this blog would not interpret some of these comments as “reaching out” to them. “Reaching out” isn’t going to work if you:

1. describe gays as abnormal, unnatural, defective, weird, unhappy, unwholesome and unhealthy
2. compare them to paedophiles


The pictures associated with this site show these young children mimicking adult sexual situations, and dress.

I looked through the first few pages, I didn’t see any mimicry of sexual situations -no nudity, no suggestive poses - a few photos of kids innocently playing dress-up. Perhaps someone could provide links to some of these ‘sexual’ photos? And if any of you really think that some of these photos constitute child pornography, perhaps you should call the police?

1 comment:

  1. Standfirm seems like a bigot magnet!
    "I have no love of sin or those who would call it good.
    Homosexual behavior is abnormal, unnatural, defective, weird, unhappy, unwholesome and unhealthy. If gays insist on identifying with such behavior well what are we supposed to think?"

    Homosexual behavior is a sin.