Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Q.What did the Archbishop say to the muppet? A.Nobody's putting their hand up the back of my shirt!

It's good to see that those good old homophobic and sexist values are thriving at Anglican Mainstream!

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  1. I´m speechless--former Presiding Bishop, not archbishop, Greg Venables of the province of Conealone is a very tedious old charlatan--let´s leave him in the ruins of the disappointing, to him, outcomes of his ministry in Argentina, because, as most everyone knows (or ought know), ARGENTINA IS THE VERY FIRST COUNTRY IN SOUTH AMERICA TO LEGALIZE GAY MARRIAGE--not much of a power of attraction that +greg as he was busy pandering to and pilfering parishes up norte and clearly not keeping his eye on the ball(s). Perhaps a nice trip to Lake Titicaca would keep his face far away from us...give it a nice, long rest.