Monday, April 11, 2011

Phillip Jensen's direct salvation @ a cost of $5!

Looks like a collection of articles From the Dean! You can hear God's Word for an exclusive price of $21.95. The article titled "The Shame of Shamelessness" sounds a lot like "Shamelessness"; a piece of 2007 bigotry aimed at Gene Robinson. This quote will titillate worldwide hatemongers... Last week in two articles in the Sydney Morning Herald, we had people advocating immorality on the basis of honesty. One was saying that the homosexual bishop of New Hampshire in the United States was no different to many other bishops except that he was honest about his sexual activity... The wrong that they decried was hypocrisy or dishonesty. Hypocrisy is a dreadful sin—but worse than hypocrisy is shamelessness...
That there have been bishops secretly practicing homosexuality is a matter of great shame and hypocrisy. Such hypocrisy does not justify doing it publicly! At least those who did it privately understood that it was wrong. At least they still knew that in some sense their behaviour was unacceptable. The bishop who does it openly is not a man of greater honesty but a man of shamelessness. He is unaware of how objectionable his behaviour is. Indeed he is openly defiant of the opinion of others and of God's revealed word.

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  1. Phillip Jensen's attempt to make money from such hateful drivel is shameless but then he was shameless as an University student in the 60's. He is not worthy to clean Bishop Gene Robinson's boots. I disliked him when we were at university and he was relatively harmless. Now he is a blight on Sydney and Anglicanism.