Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jim Wallace of the Australian Christian Lobby displays... Evangelical Love

Jim Wallace the manager of the Australian Christian Lobby once said... What worries me most is that Saddam Hussein not only has weapons of mass destruction but you have a technology racing in the world in miniaturisation and when you put weapons of mass destruction, miniaturisation as technology which is racing, then you've really got to be concerned about states which even in the future you know might have the intent to be a threat to the West, including Australia.

Jim makes another profound statement...Just hope that as we remember servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for wasn’t gay marriage and Islamic!

And Equal Rights Victoria responds with a wonderful video!


  1. Thank you for writing about such a glorious nut-case.

  2. Your welcome Father Carte but this man is sold off as a mainstream Christian in Australia. I'm always amazed at the link between army personnel and the church. Are these people so institutionalised that they require the rigid structures of evangelicalism to maintain their identity. or is it just that they give their life for white heterosexual values? Jim said his dad (an ex-soldier) no longer recognised this Australia! I thought the newcomers to Australia were providing Christian bodies to recruit...or maybe he was talking about diggers giving their lives for GLBT people!