Saturday, April 30, 2011

Calling Lisa Nolland... Penguins need Sex Therapist

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Anglican Mainstream has published an article about same - sex adoptive parents. These parents have caused great public outcry in the US because of their public shamelessness. Anglican Mainstream's resident sex therapist, Lisa Nolland, has duty to help these two broken and sinful penguins by implementing the same systemic cure used to eradicate same-sex attraction in Anglicans....indentify FEMINISM as the the cause of the problem. If the female penguin hadn't deviated from the Biblical gender stereotype, and stayed at home instead of being the food provider, then the male would have remained heterosexual.
So the best systemic cure is to :
1. call in The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood to establish Biblical penguin gender roles and stereotypical Biblical translations.
2. preach endless sermons on female submission.
3. call in Sydney Diocese's Liberty Christian Ministries Inc who will help cure broken penguins, by referring them to programs that use addiction therapy.
4. ensure that penguins that don't conform are shamed publicly.

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