Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sydney Anglicans speak about Ethics aka known as Hypocrisy!

Michael Jensen reviews Andrew Cameron's book on Sydney Calvinist ethics. Like Michael, Andrew is a lecturer at Moore College and one of diocesan experts in spin. Both can turn ramphant immorality and bigotry into palatable docrine and policy.

Take for example the use of the synonym neighbour in the article; the correct usage by authentic reformed standards is materialistic atheists.
Michael speaks about Chapter 7 of Andrew's book, as being the section that sydney Calvinists may wish to read first... Part 7, ‘Six Hotspots’, might be the place that many people start the book because here Andrew addresses the kind of issues we normally ask ethicists to tackle: bioethics, sex, homosexuality and gender.
Andrew has shown incredible expertise in propagating spin around Sydney's homophobic bigotry. His timely piece titled Living Together: Conservative Christians and Same-Sex Relationships was written at the time of the Lambeth boycott, and another piece appeared after David Marr wrote a scathing piece on Peter Jensen's leadership and the contribution to worldwide homophobia. The classic quote in second article called Beyond Homophobia,Towards a New Term of Debate is priceless...
I have not consulted anyone at St Andrew's House.
Of course facist regimes don't consult! Andrew has now done another though provoking piece on the evils of poker machines. Andrew's intentions may be honourable but it is a little hard to take him seriously, when he as a Sydney Anglican writes on behalf of a church which BORROWED $260 million to gamble on the stock market... the intent to use the profits to spread Jensenism throughout Africa at the expense of GLBT people, and not offer a hand to help this persecuted minority! Sydney Anglican morals are no different to any other coorporation which exploits!

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