Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will Anglican Mainstream unleash the Dark Lord's powers to defeat Gandalf, in his attempts to stamp out homophobic bullying in schools?

Ian McKellan has been speaking to school students about being gay. Speaking last year, he says: “Until I visited secondary schools recently, I hadn’t realised how much anti-gay bullying goes on, throughout the education system. Archbishop Rowan Williams should employ Gandalf as his understudy, and during a leave of absence let Gandalf him stamp out some of the homophobic bullying within the Anglican Church. Holtam the next Bishop of Salisbury is the subject of an article by Anglican Mainstream. Thus in his own words, reported in The Guardian (24 December 2005), in giving Bishop Gene Robinson the opportunity to speak at St Martin-in-the-Fields, his intention was “to provide a platform” whilst being careful “to keep within the letter of the law.” Mr Holtam also criticised the Primates of the Global South Anglican Churches following the issuing of the Kigali Communiqué in 2006 and their rejection of the position of The Episcopal Church, USA, on human sexuality. It seems that all Evangelical bigots are tied to Sydney Anglicans!

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