Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And God told David Ould... to go forth and troll the internet...and call for the sacking of all Anglicans who denounce the type of theological sexism and homophobia ...taught at Moore College

Now Unicorn...You might be a heretic to Sydney Anglicanism...but Satan is well rooted in their theological base. Don't you know that I work for God... I manage his detention centre ....where rule breakers are sent ....There's no G4S or PNG police in hell...just fire and brimstone.  
I know I'm a pagan .....being a unicorn and all ...but to me that crucifixation seems like a bloody waste of time!

David Ould has again been nominated by God...not to show love, compassion and fellowship...but to identify and purge the  Anglican Church of heretics . David has called for the sacking of many fellow Anglicans ...and the most recent is Rev Bowers...and probably his bishop, if he doesn't comply with  Ould's request.

Now seriously ... what is Christianity without tyranny, ostracism, brutality, sexism, homphobia, rejection, exclusion, hatred, bigotry, wrath, and most importantly ...The 39 Articles! Who cares is SSA Nigerians and Ugandans think my vision of Heaven is actually their hell on Earth?


  1. Fortunately Rev Rod Bowers is a priest in the Diocese of Newcastle where the true Christian Gospel of Love is preached. They need not take any notice of the rantings of mad fools like Ould.

  2. What is so striking about Dobby is his complete lack of humility ... from one with so much to be humble about.