Sunday, March 9, 2014

David Ould's blog about Rev Sarah MacNeil features on the Sydney Anglican Church League's website

Say Bill...Is that Juliar a liberal Anglican...cause that fella on the microphone sure behaves like that David Ould know the one whose blogs feature on the Sydney Anglican Church League and Standfirm websites...You know the fella who uses those continually flashing  contentious headlines...the ones meant to draw attention to himself...and  incite hatred and division within the Anglican Church.
 No Calam...Julia is one of those material athesists that Phillip Jensen is always going on about...and no ...that's an anti-carbon tax rally...Sydney Anglicans are about heretics.... so they wouldn't use the phrase Bob Brown's bitch...I think Satan bitch ...would be more in keeping with their teachings.

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  1. Wollongong WillyMarch 9, 2014 at 5:07 AM

    For years, Dobby Ould was the Jensen Family bitch. That's why they sent him to a parish no one else wanted. David Ould is a slippery character who defames countless sincere Christians, but squeals when anyone dares criticise his own bigotry and nastiness. The man is a bitch. Pure and simple.