Monday, March 3, 2014

The Anglican Church in Nigeria adopts similar policies to Sydney Anglicans

According to the Nigerian Daily Post...the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) has introduced a clause in its constitution subjecting members, who intend to hold positions in church, to take an oath of allegiance to God denouncing homosexuality.

The legislation prevents SSA laity and clergy from holding any positions within the church.

The text of the vow reads: 
I declare before God and his Church that I have never been a homosexual/bisexual or (have repented from being homosexual/bisexual) and I vow that I will not indulge in the practise of homosexuality/bisexuality.
If after this oath I am involved, found to be, or profess to be a homosexual/bisexual against the teachings of the Holy Scriptures as contained in the Bible.
I bring upon myself the full wrath of God and subject myself willingly to canonical discipline as enshrined in the constitution of the Church of Nigeria, so help me God.

 Can't help but love Fundamentalism...It portrays such a loving image of God. 
Seeing that...Sydney Anglicans have set themselves up as the Secretariat for GAFCON...then perhaps we can let them know what a wonderful job they are doing in supporting the persecution of SSA people around the world?

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