Monday, March 10, 2014

Apologies to Martin Luther King....and David Ould

I'm the Martin Luther... who Sydney Anglicans model themselves off...and can't you see the uncanny resemblance? I'm the one who speaks German.

Thank you to Anon who pointed out that I, Calam, had misquoted Martin Luther King...I wonder if now ...LGBT people and repressed women ...will be like David Ould and the Anglican Church League...and also able to believe that their salvation not earned by good deeds...but is a free gift of God's grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

Seriously Calam... Do I really look like a Sydney Anglican? Isn't it interesting that ...The strongest predictors of violence against women include: having attitudes condoning violence, rigid gender-role ideology, hostility, having a history of violence and drug/alcohol abuse....Also socioeconomic disadvantage in communities and gender inequality (which includes women’s socioeconomic disadvantage) clearly are significant factors... Will submission and discrimination be part of the Sydney Anglican agenda when they help lobby the government to have their content included in the national curriculum?


  1. Well - Luther wasn't particularly known for his tolerance. His anti-semitism in later life is imfamous! A famous bio by Erickson also suggested he was annally fixated!

  2. Obviously David Ould was made a minister in a low socio-economic community where it's common for men to hit their wives and abuse alcohol. Dobby's hateful teachings will make such behavior acceptable since Ould is no more than an internet thug himself.

  3. Anon1: Like Luther, Dobby's twin brother is anally-fixated.
    Both brothers speak from where the light never shines.

  4. Aldi were refused a liquor licence at their store in Macquarie Fields because "the area suffered from social issues including domestic violence, juvenile crime and child neglect".
    And what are David Ould's main concerns?
    Hatred of women bishops and gay people! The silly man has no priorites.