Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Are Sydney Anglicans really using Liberty Christian Ministries Inc as a front for scientific research into the God particle?

One has to wonder if Sydney Anglicans have constructed a Large Hadron Collider underneath Sydney...Christian Jobs Australia ran an advertisement for Sydney Anglicans' LCMI which stated that....

We do believe, however, that as people surrender their hearts to God and the roots of their sexual brokenness to God in Christ and by the prompting of the Holy Spirit, that they can experience a change in sexual desire to the point that they no longer are tempted by same-sex attraction. This has been emperically established as possible...

So Sydney Anglicans have  scientifically proven the existence of the Holy Spirit...and I thought all their arguments were centred around Biblical orthodoxy. This kind of discovery could have put the  C of E  at the cutting edge of religious and scientific knowledge....instead of having the church entagled in bigotry!

Yes Mr Williams ...Sydney Anglican research is wonderful...and all it needs is a couple of statistically significant outliers... like Haydn Sennitt and Christopher Keane to provide authenticity. I do hope that  LCMI's new pastoral care worker, Mr Starr extends  LCMI 's work throughout Africa...because I want to see the Holy Spirit's work in action.

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  1. According to the new Saturday Paper, Australia's last "gay conversion ministry", Ramsgate Community Church, closed last weekend. See article at http://www.thesaturdaypaper.com.au/news/religion/2014/04/19/australias-anti-gay-churches-shift-focus-asia-pacific/1397829600#.U1NpIcdCWEk

    Perhaps they need to know about Liberty Christian Ministries!