Saturday, March 22, 2014

Newsflash....2 important pieces of information from readers of Calam's blog

Riley Jensen reports... Another one bites the dust! Is Liberty next? We haven’t anything from Mr Starr yet, perhaps he has seen the light also?

Well the secretary of looks like it's up to Sydney Anglicans and the Africans to sort out the homosexual issue

And Danny Kowalski writes...

Praise the (sometimes tardy) Lord!
Dobby's pool is finally finished.

It has taken what must have seemed an eternity, but with grace and forbearance he has waited. That man, verily a saint, his abstemiousness should be an example to us all. Time has lumbered heavily since he returned from his three month around-the-globe pilgrimage to the eateries of the world and, aside from buying a house and some moderately priced but tasteful furniture and a smart new bike and a few other essential comforts, he has lived the life of the most wretched and afflicted ascète.

Oh, how the penurious (and slightly elongated) parishioners of the abject villages of Macquarie Fields must be rejoicing. For their master (nay, servant elf) can now, at last, be immersed by sweet Jesus in the pool by the sheep-gate (with tasteful pebbling). How they must pray his ailment soon be healed and he can squeeze, once again, into a clerical collar. For they too have felt the great pain of Satan’s cruel yoke that hangs around his neck. It is as if all the adipose has been sucked from them and placed in that lardaceous buccula he wears with such Job-like patience.

Mr Ould...Mr Ould...Mr Ould...Do you want to come around to our house for a swim after church on Sunday? But don't call for the sacking of my dad ....because he's just got off the dole now we can afford a swimming pool!

Yes Mr Ould...Don't call for the sacking of my husband...You know he doesn't want me to work ....because I am submissive to him...and if you call for his sacking...then we wont be able to make the swimming pool repayments

Now I wonder if  Rev Sarah MacNeil... Dean John Shepherd...Rev David Head and Bishop John McIntyre ...and Rev Rod name a few ... have got their swimming pools paid off ? Yes have your pool paid off before you stick up for minorities hurt by some church representatives.


  1. Glenquarie citizenMarch 22, 2014 at 9:06 AM

    The sight of hypocritical Dobby Ould in his swimming pool has given me a bad bout of nausea. Please don't point me to other such ghastly visions of Calvinist excess.

  2. It's pretty telling that now it is only the Sydney Anglicans who have 'prey the gay away' groups in Sydney.

    1. I would think that Sydney Anglicans will maintain this website because what will they tell the Africans? I don't think that after selling theological resources like this to Africans for years...that they'd be able to close down LCMI...Seriously where would their credibility lie? What a mess when you mix the family and friends business interests with an Anglican diocese!

  3. I see Allan’s poked his head up. I must give him a call and see if he can look into hidden 'Unwanted Same Sex Attraction' among Sydney Anglican vicars.