Saturday, March 22, 2014

And this...from a man who used the Anglican Mainstream website demonise GLBT...because he could not tolerate having one gay bishop ... being part of the world wide Anglican communion...well the eagle has landed

Try as you might can't stop a runaway train

Chris Sugden writes ...The recent laws concerning homosexual behaviour in Uganda and Nigeria have led to strident condemnation from some in the West. In the last week the World Bank has postponed a $90 million dollar loan to Uganda. Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands have withdrawn government aid. 

Say Peter...did you and Chris think something like this might happen when we conservative evangelicals started working to create our own church within the framework of the world wide C of E  ... just so we could gain control from those liberals?

Chris Sugden goes onto say...The Anglican churches have stood against any violence against people with same-sex attraction and behind the scenes the Ugandan Anglican church had a significant moderating influence on the bill. Without the church’s role the forces of violence against same-sex attracted people would have triumphed.

Say Liberty Christian ministries starting up in Uganda...and I'm sure Peter Bolt's publications will be a top sellers

 Chris explains... The western church can share its views on the wisdom of criminalising same-sex behaviour between adults without weakening their respect for and support to the Ugandan Church in it stand against violence. This is a sign of maturity in our relationships.

And I have to say Peter...Chris was just so mature with his Anglican Mainstream postings...oh and let's not forget the Chris Sugden and Lisa Nolland gay bashing conferences.

Chris elaborates by saying...This concern for the wellbeing of a (Ugandan) community, especially the vulnerable , (children...Chris is referring to the generalisation that all GLBT people are pedophiles) does not degrade the rights of same-sex attracted people. Claiming that it does depends on the unproved assumption that such attraction is entirely innate. President Museveni is investigating this assumption and inviting debate on the topic.

Now Peter get that David Peterson out and about ...promoting his sexuality theories...think of the donations that can be procured if Liberty Christian Ministries is franchised throughout Africa....Will you brother be writing his second speech on The Limits of Fellowship when he encourages Sydney Anglicans to split from the mainstream world wide church and join the Ugandans?....Have you checked out how you stand with property ownership?

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  1. Like Sydney Anglicans, Chris Sugden is on the wrong side of history. The first gay marriages are to take place in the UK this week. Equality for gays is unstoppable. Sugden is a failure..